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  1. New guy / MZ-RH910

    Well just another new guy saying hello. I don't even have my MD player yet, but it is arriving via UPS tomorrow Man... 2 day air order last Friday and it arrives the following Thursday, WTF. Anyway, this isn't my first MD experience. I got on board with one of the early gen MD player/recorder back in the early 90's, I had wanted it to record school lectures, listen to music, etc. But at the time the performance wasn't good enough and it just wasn't practical for me so I ended up getting rid of it. I've always thought the MD format was superior and with proper marketing it would be a short matter of time for it to get a much stronger foothold. Alas, Sony for whatever reason seems to have deemed the MD player a niche item and really only pushes it as such, too bad too... so much potential. At any rate, these days my needs are a little different. I want something I can record very high quality audio with, be it a live concert or for digital video that I'm shooting. Obviously I'm also still interested in a portable music device, and I've personally found my small MP3 player a bit of a nuisance as I have to add/delete tracks every time I decide I want new music on it. An iPod that would hold ALL of my music is insane, I would never need/want 40GB of music and have to manage it all with some dinky little LCD. I really was looking for a portable device I could swap music out with ease on, enter the MD and with the new 1GB format and the ability to also use it as a portable drive... I'm sold. So anyway, when it arrives I'll try to grab some pictures and maybe do a short review from my perspective showing how it can or can't address my needs. -tony