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  1. SonicStage Problem: OMGJBOX.EXE Issue

    UGH. I just tried it on my dad's computer, and now the problem is that the discs don't show up (but they do on my computer.)
  2. SonicStage Problem: OMGJBOX.EXE Issue

    I did. Windows Update just makes my computer crash. But it should be fairly up to date (I installed XP Pro SP2 recently after a BSoD came up.) EDIT. I got the Minidisc to show up in Real Player v10. However, it crashes before even one song finishes. It gets to exactly 50% and dies.
  3. SonicStage Problem: OMGJBOX.EXE Issue

    I think my graphics card is an Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV (if that's what you're looking for.) As for system specs., I'm not too sure what you're looking for there either. Errm, here's a stab in the dark: 116 GB HDD DVD-Rom Drive CD-Rom Drive Floppy Disk Wireless Router Linksys USB Keyboard/Mouse 512MB Ram (I think.) Boots Windows XP Professional In connecting with a Mac by a KSwitch.
  4. SonicStage Problem: OMGJBOX.EXE Issue

    Alright. I'm new here, and after browsing the forums and searching, I didn't find anything that helped. What I'm using: Win XP Pro Memorex Minidiscs SS, SB, RP My problem: Sonicstage 2.0 doesn't import music without crashing (OMGJBOX.EXE crash). Sonicstage 3.4 and up don't run at all on my computer. MD Simple Burner 2 doesn't burn (it only crashes.) RealPlayer won't detect my player. What I've done: Reinstalled everything with no avail. Tried 3rd party software with no avail. What the world should I do? Please help.