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  1. Auris vs. SP-BMC-2

    Thanks...I think I just misunderstood the function of the Boost Box. This sentence from the website made me think I might need one: "High noise and distortion are common particularly at higher recording volumes. The Boost Box minimizes this with advanced circuitry and a dedicated power supply allowing your microphones to reach their full dynamic range." I didn't realize that this referred directly to the "dedicated power supply" and actually has nothing to do with the preamp...right? Are there any other good binaural mics under or near $100 which I should look into?
  2. Auris vs. SP-BMC-2

    My Sony MS907 seems to have passed on, and I'm trying to figure out what to replace it with. I use a Sony MZ-NH900. I'm a trumpet player, and I play in brass bands a lot. I most often use my device to record practice sessions (which can get quite loud depending on the size of the room), lessons, and performances with brass band, orchestra, etc. I do plan on eventually buying a battery pack and possibly a preamp (the Boost Box looks really nice, but I don't know if I can afford it right now). I've narrowed it down to the Reactive Sounds Auris and the SP BMC-2. I find it interesting that the latter is less than half the price of the former, yet when I look at the specs they appear to be almost exactly the same. Is there a reason for such a huge price difference? I don't know much about this type of equipment (yet), so there could be some blazingly apparent difference I just don't see. If there's really little difference, I plan on buying the SP-BMC-2, which would make it easier to afford the Boost Box from RS.