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  1. Search

    Does anybody know if there is any chance for the search Artist | Album | Song function to be supported ?
  2. Question about NW-E005

    You can use voidMP3FM, it's as easy as drag & drop. See this section of the forum http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showforum=25
  3. voidMP3FM v1.1 is out!

    I finally got the player what you´ve done is great, quick install, small program, simple interface, really cool. Thanks a Lot !! Only two short questions * any idea about the reason why I can´t use the player's search feature? * is it possible to create a "\artist\album\tracks" structure ?
  4. KOSS earbuds

    Hi I'm getting a sony nw-e005 and I'm looking for a replacement for the supplied headphones, has anybody know abouts these koss earbuds: http://www.koss.com/koss/kossweb.nsf/p?openform&pc^eb are they any better than the ones in the package ? Thanks
  5. voidMP3FM v1.1 is out!

    Hey thanks once again void!!! have anyone already tryed this new version?
  6. Other mp3 file manager.

    Hi to all, I'm getting one of this beauties (Walkman® MP3 PlayerNW-E005), and I've been reading everywhere that sonicstage sucks so here I am. Void thanks very much for this tool, I can't wait to try it. I´ve found there are some other people doing something like this, have any one checked this out? http://nwe00xmp3man.sourceforge.net/ it is an open source mp3 file manager, I think I´ll try both once I have the player in my hands