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Hi-MD users, please read this thread:


p.s. You cannot upload recordings from a NetMD or non Hi-MD device with a Hi-MD recorder unless you own a MZ-RH1.

NetMD + Older MD unit users, please read this:

You cannot upload through USB. Well, all hope isn't lost. If you want to upload live recordings made on your Minidisc unit, there are ways you can upload, albeit realtime, that can produce satisfying results.

The analogue upload method:

* Note that this is also the only way to transfer audio from an MD / MDLP disc to your computer from any MD / MDLP / netMD portable.

* Connect your HiMD to your computer using a 3.5mm stereo male-to-male cable going from your headphone output to the sound card's line input [NOT the mic input]

* Turn off all processing on the MD unit, including AVLS, EQ, and virtual surround if your unit supports it

* Set the volume control to 25/30 [note that european/UK models will put out a much weaker signal, and turning the volume up high will only cause the unit to limit or compress the signal]

* Set the record levels on your computer so that the loudest passages in your recording do not exceed the record meter's [in whichever application you're using - Audacity is a good choice] maximum level. It's a good idea to leave at least 6dB of room above the loudest parts you can easily find, just in case. You can normalise the recording in your editor later if need be, but you can't undo distortion from improperly set levels.

* Start recording in whichever editor your prefer on the computer, and press play on the unit

* Stop recording when it's done

Another way to upload is to purchase a sound card with a DIGITAL input and a Minidisc deck or bookshelf with digital out. You can then upload digitally, albeit realtime with a toslink to miniplug digital cable, using the same methods described above. Unfortunately, there is NO inexpensive way to upload faster than realtime for non - Hi-MD units.

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