It's possible I may have discovered another facet to this problem. Even after Avrin's upgrade of the drivers etc. I found I had always to zap the other drivers when installing the RH1, to prevent slow upload. But guess what: if I set the "Disc Mode" on the RH1 (before even inserting an SP or LP disk) to MD instead of HiMD, the problem goes away. It seems likely that the "extra" driver gets loaded when the RH1, configured as a HiMD recorder, sees the SP/LP disk. You've all noticed how the interface (which shows HiMD in SoS) goes down (dih-duh) and then up again (duh-dih) changing, chameleon-like, to NetMD, ready for uploading. But it doesn't have to do this if we told it all along that the RH1 "is" a NetMD recorder. I realise this is a nuisance to change every time you go out and use it for field recording. But for those of us who mostly use the RH1 for uploading, this is a small price to pay. What I don't know is whether this solution *requires* anything that came from this thread, other than completely deleting all the NetMD drivers ONCE.