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NWZ-X1060 missing functionality

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I purchased an X1060 in July. I am coming from a NW-A808 and have found that some functionality that the 808 has is missing from the 1060. Hopefully Sony will be able to address some of these issues in future firmware updates. The sound quality and design is great and overall it is a great device, but these points are disappointing.

Play Screen

  • Song title should scroll; currently if the title is longer than about 15 characters you need to select option menu and then detailed information to see the full title.
  • Year and Genre should be displayed – again need to go to detailed information for this information.
  • Pop-up on new song option is not available
  • When flick scrolling too quickly the album art is not updated and all you see is the default walkman cover art (two little semi-circular arrows).
  • When searching by album the album art is slow to update, even if you do not flick the list too quickly. I recently checked the iTouch (gasp) and the interface seems allot snappier and seamless. This may be because there was very little media on it compare to the 10G that I have on my 1060…
  • Add to favourites is not available.
  • Search by playlists gives a list of recent media entries but no indication of when the media was transferred.
  • Recent media (music) can only be searched by song, not by album.
  • The x1060 does not have the extensive search capabilities that the 808 has. The 808 can search by specific artist, genre, year just by clicking on the artist genre or year field currently playing.
Media Go
  • Even though user sets to transfer media format to MP3 128k (and it does convert and transfer as this rate) the bit rate appears as the origional bit rate on the X1060
  • ID3 tag information in the file is not updated when changes are made.
  • Updating album art from CDDB does not work consistently for pre-existing music, OK when ripping CDs though.

Media Manager

  • Album art when transferred is of a low quality and operation is inconsistent especially when using AAC format
  • ID3 tag information in the file is not updated when changes are made.
  • Updating album art from CDDB does not work consistently for pre-existing music, OK when ripping CDs though
  • A serious lack of availability.

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I totally agree with all your comments. I have the 16GB version. While I can forgive sony for having a crap internet browser etc I can't understand why such a premium player has trouble loading album art and doesn't support playlists on the go, gapless playback and deleting on the player etc.

Having said all that the sound quality and general interface is excellent.

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I couldn't agree more. The above are the major issues.

I can also add a few comments that disturb me most:

- No id3 v2.4 support (My friend's sonyericsson walkman phone doesn't have any problems with this format), most of the default software on my desktop seems to work better with id3v2.4 tags.

- The riff tags in wav files are not recognised (flac support would be perfect)

- The song title gets truncated, why not make a pop-up when you hold your finger on it like it is done in every other menu! (constant scrolling can be annoying as well)

- No feature to mark songs as favourites and no play-list creation feature

- Cannot delete songs.

I mainly listen to music on the player and decisions whether I like a song are made on the go, so the only option in organising the music is write down names of songs on a piece of paper and then find a computer with the right software on it. It would take several days to listen to all songs before downloading onto the player and I simply can't afford doing it. And how can I pre compile play lists for every occasion?

=> Instead when I listen to a song (I usually resort to shuffle mode and constant skipping) I think "I wish I could add this one to a play list!" and then have a big sigh or make note of it.

- Covers are loaded very slowly! (is there no cache space for them?)

- This screen would make a good ebook reader - why is there no option to load at least html or plain text from the memory offline?

- wifi range is very short: I'm in the room above the router and in some parts of the room it fails to connect - still it drains the battery like hell (while laptop is perfectly happy with the signal level)

- No internet radio (e.g. shoutcast) and no streaming support such as http, rtsp, ...

- no flash video playback or BBC iPlayer

- No zooming in the photo viewer!

it is not a completely list though...

It was a difficult choice between this player and ipod touch but I think this player gets the most out of mp3s with very good sound quality (apart from the hissing on low volume!) and it has the nicest display I've ever seen.

This is player is very close to what I need and I really hope for a firmware upgrade! But I never heard that sony ever released one :(.

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