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NO Playlist showing after KeyWizard and NO Folder selection when Save All

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Hi to everybody!

I have a NW-HD5 and need to copy back to my pc all my songs as I have them in the Playlist I created.

If I open GYM using the original db files in the OMGAUDIO folder (that are available from the db_backup folder after the KeyWizard process) I can see all my songs and all my Playlists.

If I open GYM with all the new db files generated using the KeyWizard, I cannot see any of my existing Playlist. Then in this case I am not able to save anythink because none of the two buttons for Save or Save All do really work!!!

UPDATE1: I have installed again NET.Framework and now I can SAVE correctly!!!

UPDATE2: I see now that with the original db files in the OMGAUDIO folder (and so having all Playlist showing) I can Save songs I select!! And I am not using any KeyWizard db files!!!! What isthis al aobut??

What does this all mean???

OTHER QUESTION: Is there a way to extract only the mp3s without any artist/folder?? I mean...is it possible to save songs without that they go each of them goes in related artist/album folder?? I mean...If I Save All a Playlist of mine, it will result in a bunch of folders with inside une single .mp3 file (or more depending by the artist/album name). Then organizing each single Playlist is a big mess because I need to copy/past every single file outside its related artist/album folder!!!

Any help??

I am on Win7 and have instaled NET.Framework 1.1 and using GYMv1.2b_beta.zip

Thank you very much!!

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