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HELP. Vaio PCG-61211M screen error on startup

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Hi everyone, 

I'm in a real bind, and I need some info from anyone that can help me. 
In an attempt to freshen up my girlfriend's old Vaio, I decided to give it a little clean up. I unscrewed the back panel in the hopes of cleaning away excess dust (her fan is always in overdrive) but had no luck getting in. I even unplugged what I believed to be the graphics card in an effort to lift the back panel off (I've taken a picture of it), but plugged it back in before placing all the screws back into the panel and giving up. 

But then I turn on the computer, to find the screen only displays a broken signal of grey, white and black (the second picture attached). 

Have I broken the screen without realising it? I feel I was very careful.. Is this an error from me removing the graphics card? 

Is this FUBAR at this point or can someone help me out of this error?




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