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Sonic Stage works to make CD / Windows CD burner fails

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I have Sony Sonic Stage 4.3 software installed on this desktop PC. It has worked as
expected for several years. With it I can select .mp3 files and make an .mp3 disk, or Sony ATRAC files and make an ATRAC disk.

I should also be able to use Windows, without Sonic Stage, to create disks.  Using Windows XP, I selected the .mp3 files I wanted to burn, right-clicked and selected 'Send to and the CD drive' with blank CD loaded. I selected "write these files to CD." I got the error message:



"There is no disc in the drive. Please insert a writable CD into

drive I:. Note: A writable CD is a compact disc that can be

converted to a conventional or audio CD by a CD recording drive

(CD-R or CD-RW). After being recorded, the CD is capable of

being used in any computer CD-ROM drive or audio CD player."


I started Sony Sonic Stage. I selected the same .mp3 files and (to use
Sonic Stage's term) "imported" (copied) them into Sonic Stage's list.
From that I used Sonic Stage to create the list to write. I then
selected the "create an mp3 CD" function (shown on the right hand side
of the screen). Sonic Stage shows the same drive letter I: for the CD
that Windows shows.  I selected the Start writing function, and it
worked. I now have an .mp3 CD that plays OK on other .mp3 players.

I need to be able to use Windows to copy selected files (of any
extension) to a CD on this PC.

I have to wonder if the installation of Sony Sonic Stage has damaged my
ability to use this Windows function.

What should I do next so Windows does not give me the above quoted error

The device used for CD writing is an LG CD/DVD writer.


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