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Did ESP on the D777 pcdp compress audio?

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I have a D777, most people talk about the famous SQ of this player, but with ESP turned on, does it use the ADPCM compression feature? SOme say its uncompressed others say it not. To me it seems like with ESP turned off it's better, but can't be sure I'm not being fooled. As the CD keeps skipping without ESP on, it would be great if anyone can help with this technical question.

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I have a D777 and it subjectively sounds better to me than my D-E01 and D-EJ01s. With ESP turned on, while being carried around.

I remember reading various pieces around the internet on ESP, it seems no one really knew for sure what the processing was doing to the data. Some said it just buffered it uncompressed and some said it needed to compress it to achieve this. Then others say it's compressed on early examples of ESP (like the D777) but not on later examples?

Or was it ESP vs G-protection? Maybe try searching for that and some articles should come up. One is compressed? My memory is hazy..

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