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MZ-NHF800 won't record

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Write protect tab is closed ? .. yea just asking :-D

so what happens when you record ? Does the Walkman  read Discs at all or just a blank Disc after recording ?

If Disc is blank after recording send me a picture of the openen unit where the upper inside can be seen.That´s where the OWH is , the one who is responsible for making the record happen. I´ve seen so many units with bend OWH´s where , as i suggest , people had low battery or sort of and didn´t press stop after recording and openend the unit violently. That way one busts the OWH because its still onto the Disc and gets bend when ejecting the Disc manually.

Does it still play MD and Hi-MD ?

If answer is no -> does it play pre-recorded ? ( Factory made MDs )

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