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Ok, I'm sure there is already a thread but I am done searching and starting new!

So, I have a few super important tracks I need to get off my mini discs.

I found Sonicstage again and downloaded it, My files showed up went to transfer and it said I could not transfer unless in the original NetMD or OpenMG program! 

Of course I have the discs but no working disc drive grrrr~ 

ANY Advice or link to the openmg program?..

I am on a real time crunch and these tracks are originals....

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Have you tried moving the files to a new folder then have Sonic Stage import from that new folder? Worked for me. Side bar. I want to thank this forum for providing Sonic Stage. I have a 2007 Sony Walkman model NW-E002F which actually came with media on it. After installing Sonic Stage and then the updates, along with the Sony MP3 Converter, was able to save the old media and install my favorites. I could not find Sonic Stage anywhere because I believe Sony has stopped sites from providing it. Amounts to what iTunes did with their proprietary player and file formats. The one to use on Apple products is Floola.

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