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*FAQ written by void and edited for ATRACLife use by Ishiyoshi



VoidMP3FM is small program which will enable one to upload and download Mp3 files to/from the NW-E00x Series.


  1. You can drag MP3 folders from your hard drive and put them to walkman. (no recursion. if you drag the folder "MYMP3", all MYMP3\*.mp3 files will be copied. But, for example "MYMP3\SUBFOLDER\*.mp3" WILL NOT be copied.)
  2. Press SAVE ALL button when finished. Changes will be commited. Do not disconnect your player untill transfer is finished!
  3. You can also drag MP3 files from you hard drive to the existing folders on your walkman.
  4. You can delete MP3 files and folders on your walkman. (using DEL key)
  5. To get your files back - drag MP3 files and folders from your walkman to any folder on your hard drive.
  1. Delete all files and directories from your walkman. (you may leave directories you have created yourself).
  2. Run voidMP3FMinstall.exe.
  3. Enter your walkman root directory as install path.
  4. Choose to overwrite all existing files.
  5. Run voidmp3fm.exe from the root directory of your Walkman.
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DOWNLOAD LINK ---> click here


  • Now voidMP3FM supports up to 10000 tracks.
  • Improved installation.
  • Fixed some bugs, improved stability.
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Software crashes many times randomly while transfering songs; possibly related to visual element. (*solution submitted by Thomas).

  • right click on voidMP3FM.exe
  • select Properites->Compatibility->select Run this program in compatibility mode: Win98 / Win Me; in 256 colors
  • disable visual themes

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