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SI: Tronic Studio Creates Interesting Spot For Sony/Comcast Store

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Tronic Studio 3HD theatrical trailer-style spot, “Emerge,” plays across one the world’s biggest hi-definition (25×80-foot, 4mm) LED screens in the Comcast Center, in Philadelphia, to herald the launch of the retail marketing partnership between Sony Electronics and Comcast Labs. The Tronic spot co-brands Comcast Cable and Sony Electronics as they inaugurate their partnership in a 3,400-square-foot retail experience, which opened last week in the lower-level concourse of Comcast’s downtown Philadelphia headquarters. Tronic also produced three HD product spots, which play across numerous screens in the retail showcase, to explain the perfect marriage of Sony hardware and Comcast cable, phone and internet services.

For Tronic, the project marks a continuation of its move into OOH, high-end HD retail content. “The challenge was to link two distinct companies together in a coherent voice,” said Vivian Rosenthal, co-founder and art director for Tronic Studios, whose NY City-based animation studio has produced several HD out-of-home videos, including two recent spots for the Sony Style stores. “The Sony Comcast co-branding spot has the feeling of a trailer for a feature film that brings the brands together in an uplifting, aspirational way that captures one’s imagination and hits at the converging technologies they offer.”

“The story is a highly abstract metaphor that employs flying CG life forms, which, in a visually engaging manner, presents a simplified representation of converging technology,” said Jesse Seppi, Tronic Studio’s creative director. “The creative concept was set high in the atmosphere above a fluffy cloud layer, where futuristic generators pump out hundreds of floating pods. The pods represent emergent technological forms (i.e. Sony), which intermix with the fluid, ephemeral structure of the clouds (symbolizing Comcast Media).”

An intelligent force residing in the clouds projects cable-like tendrils that inject consciousness into the pods, transforming them with intelligent purpose. The camera follows as they sail through the atmosphere demonstrating a purposeful downward movement. Gaining color as they fly, the viewer follows a flock of pods as they spread their mechanical wings, glide closer together and finally form the end-tag for the new Sony Comcast partnership.

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