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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. I understand HiMD cannot be edited. I was using this unit editing my old minidiscs recorded in SP/LP2 and found that editing function wasn't available (no T mark, etc). I could use a Web Minidisc to drag music to the disc with SP/LP2/LP4 instead of using Simple Burner or Sonic Stage.  


    Hope there's a way to go around turning the editing function in the service mode. 


  2. On 5/15/2014 at 5:59 AM, davidallan said:

    After doing the hack everything worked fine on my nh600 except I no longer get the title1 and 2 in the display menu and only see one line of text instead of 3. I have put the menu items back to default but the display stays the same ie one line of text instead of three with HiMd discs. Has anyone else had this problem and if so is it possible to get the original display back.





    Compare the codes I have on NH600D and find out if it is identical

    110 - xxxSCC

    111 - Pw0000

    112 - Sr0000

    113 - SS00CC

    114 - CS01A2

    900 - xxxSCC

    910 - xxxSCC

    911 - xxxSCC

    912 - xxxS00

    913 - NV OK

    914 - xxxS00

    915 to 920 - xxxSCC

    921 - PV1.1B


    940 - CC

    941 - 40

    942 - 00

    943 - 00

    944 - 00


  3. On 9/25/2009 at 9:57 PM, KJ_Palmer said:



    Not that I'm an expert (in fact it was the first time I'd gone past the original basic hack), but here's how I changed the values at addresses 1941-1943 on my UK NH600:


    - Enter service mode 'normally', ie. Set Hold on , Press Group + FFBBFBFBPP

    (F = Forward, B = Back, P = Pause)

    - Press Vol+ TWICE to get to "1 NV" addresses (ie. bypassing the "0 Manual" addresses)


    - Press F quite a few times to get 941 on first line of LCD. So this is address 1941 (?).

    - Use Vol+ (or Vol-) to change the value on second line to 21, press Pause to save.


    - Press F and repeat for addresses (1)942 (change to 20), and (1)943 (change to 01).



    Anyway, this seems to have worked, and my NH600 now has V-Sur and Speed control functions!


    Perhaps an expert (eg. Avrin) will confirm the procedure was correct...!

    I just made changes to my newly adopted NH600D. 

    941 changed to 21 (original 40)

    942 changed to 20 (original 00)

    943 changed to 01 (original 00)

    Saved and pulled battery out for reset. Unfortunately the Menu button (long press) don't work anymore. Panic for a bit but thankfully I had NHF800 to the rescue to compare codes. I found out that changing 943 to 00 (or any value) will automatically change 944 to 01 (originally 00). 

    Changed back 944 to 00 and the menu is working again.


    Overall, 941, 942 and 943 doesn't pull out any extra VR sound etc. Reverted back to original position.

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