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  1. Well, I hardly ever listen to MD recordings. I just transfer them direct to the computer and output them as MP3 files or put them on CD.
  2. Thanks for your help everyone. I picked up an N910 on Ebay with an RM-MC33EL remote and the remote seems to work fine on my RH1. :-) I now, of course, have a thoroughly decent second machine. The internal battery seems to be entirely shot but at least there's the external battery pack which works fine. I assume the USB transfer of recordings is only one way on this - on my RH1 I can of course transfer my recordings to my computer, not just music to the minidisc. This no great hassle as I can just use my RH1 to do it.
  3. Thanks very much. I've checked Ebay and I can certainly get the 38, but they're all abroad and I can probably get a whole recorder for less than the price of a remote!
  4. I have been, and there are! My question though was what remotes would work sufficiently well with it to serve my purpose. In the article I referred to it says some are backwards compatible with various others, but I suppose I need to know what is forwards compatible! Malcolm
  5. I have one of these marvellous little machines, which is still in regular use. Just one problem; the remote is wearing out. I use the pause/record volume knob every time I use it, and it now is not reliable. I can adjust the volume and then find, several seconds later, that it's paused itself! A question: what remotes will work with it apart from the one it came with? I don't need 100% compatibility; just the facility to pause the recording and adjust the record volume. I've looked through that very informative Guide to Sony LCD Remotes but it doesn't answer my specific question! I'm thinking of buying a cheap minidisc off Ebay for the sake of the remote, as it seems to be cheaper to do that than buy a new remote - if indeed it would be available anyway. I'd be grateful for any advice. Malcolm
  6. Sorry, when I say 'condenser mic', all I mean is a typical miniature job running from the plug-in power, with no battery.
  7. Coming back after another attempt... All worked fine plugging the Aux Out into the Mic In - great recording. However, I'm now getting another problem caused, I suspect, by the more complicated setup I'm now using compared to previously when I simply hooked up a condenser mic on a short lead. It was very easy but I really want the mic elsewhere in the room to get a better overall recording. I am now using a condenser mic (same one) attached to a 5-metre extension lead attached to an adaptor from jack to phono, plugging in to a selector switch box which is in turn plugged in to the recorder. The line from the amp goes in to another channel on the box and I switch between to two as required. The recording from the mic (and to a lesser extent from the line in) is breaking up and distorting despite a comparatively low recording level. It sounds as though the recording level is set far too high, but it's set lower than I used to set it as I now adjust this at editing stage in Magix rather than when doing a direct recording from minidisc to tape. If it's all the ironmongery that's causing the problem, is there anything else I can do to improve things? Malcolm
  8. Well, it's not that complicated! ;-) It's a portable PA sytem (Carlsbro Traveller T150), and the thingy in question is described in the blurb as '1 channel CD/Aux Phono inputs/outputs.' There's no other info in the User Guide, and the company's website is even less help. Actually, I'm going to have to try this again, as it looks as though there might be a volume control for it, but whether it controls the output or the input I don't know. I won't be able to try it till the weekend, but if you can bear to hear any more I'll let you know. Malcolm
  9. Many thanks, both. I found the line in connection is far too insensitive - you can hardly hear the result! In the end I didn't actually try anything like this, but I'd like to experiment. If the output from this particular mixer is so faint, might that mean that it would be safe to connect it to the mic port on the minidisc? I don't want to go blowing up my £200 machine!
  10. Hello folks, New here, although I've lurked a few times. Can someone help, please? I have an RH1 and usually record from a mic into the mic input (would you believe!), but a new mixer on a PA system has stereo RCA output which I'd like to plumb in to the minidisc if possible. The manual says I must use an optical cable. If so, where do I get hold of one in the UK? I assume there is a basic difference between an optical and a jack cable which means you can't use the latter. I've trawled through the site and can't find anything directly relevant although there's a lot of valuable advice I've taken on board. Malcolm
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