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  1. I haven't been active here in awhile but there are still 4 or 5 threads in the Feedback forum attesting to my good character. I have this Sony branded carry case for sale. I bought it new and it rarely left the house. $15 shipped.IMG_3320.JPGIMG_3321.JPGIMG_3321.JPG

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  2. I have 13 NOS HiMD blanks for sale. Five are in a box and eight are loose. While I have not been active here there are still 4 or 5 threads in the Feedback forum that attest to my good character. I am looking for $12 each for these discs plus shipping. If you are in the US I would sell the lot for $160 shipped. If you are overseas and want these I would need to find actual shipping cost. Payment preferred is Paypal Friends and Family. If these end up being sold one or two at a time please be advised that they are not eligible for Media Mail rate as they are blank. Pm with any questions. Thanks.


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  3. I have not been using my minidiscs for awhile and want to sell these. While I haven't been active here for some time there are members who can vouch for me. The last item I sold was to Oroville, an MZM100. Anyway, I have 17 opened HiMD discs as pictured in the attachments. I am looking for $15/disc shipping included for CONUS. I will ship overseas but you will need to pay actual shipping. I accept Paypal but you need to pay the fees.

    Sorry for the double post.




  4. I have made 3-4 purchases in the fullness of time and each went smoothly. Pretty sure I entered feedback at the time. Recently, earlier this year, sold an MZM 100 and that went smoothly also. Feedback was entered at the time. I think if you see the time as a member and follow people's posts you should be able to identify reliable people here.

  5. (Edit, that's MZ-E25)

    I was rummaging through some of my stuff today and came up with the box that the 1st player I ever bought came in. No idea where the unit is but the box and manual are intact. I also have the gumstick battery and charger that came with. The battery is marked 1.2V 600mAH, can I assume it won't work in any other MD unit?

  6. I had a chuckle when I read the second sentence of this listing:


    about the Sony MD MZ-R700:

    Used, in working condition, excellent cosmetic condition. The Sony MD MZ-R700 makes it simple to record up to five hours of music from the net with MD-LP technology and produce your own personal MD complications.

  7. I spent some time browsing here and there today looking for Hi-MD blanks in a 5 pack. Can't seem to find any currently in the USA. I saw single discs on eBay for 9.85. I found single discs for $6.00 which, I think, as low as I got. Anyone know where to buy in the 5 pack?

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