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  1. Does Sonic Stage work on Windows 7?
  2. I am currently a minidisc user (stifle those snickers please) and I am wondering how substantial are the differences in sound quality between the 3 Walkman series available here in the US. Are the primary differences between the series based on features and storage size or are there also significant differences in sound quality?
  3. PhillipeC try here: http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=grateful%20dead%20AND%20collection%3Aetree Hope that helps.
  4. Tom in RI

    Sony MZ-M200

    Well I know what that's like, I have two kids although is out of the house as a freshman in college, the other is having me take high school chemistry .....again! It seems the great majority of listening I do now is in the car.
  5. Tom in RI

    Sony MZ-M200

    Hey Gabgar, are you thinking of getting out of minidisc? You seemed so enthusiastic at the old board.
  6. I would like to trade if anyone is interested. I like a lot of different kinds of music but my primary interests are jazz, blues, RnB (horn driven), Latin, Bluegrass and Newgrass.
  7. Well, I was able to erase the disc with my MZ-M100. Whole Lot, when you say the recordings will be lost forever, I have more than one laptop with SS on. While I am not planning on it, I assume I could import any of the tracks on a different laptop and dl to minidisc again, yes? In any event, if I dl tracks to MD and don't delete them from the computer will I be able to remove them from the MD using SS without any restriction?
  8. What really prompted my post was a situation I had where I had moved some live recordings onto a disc as LP2 on an MZ-NF610. I figured I would be able to play back on both the two HiMD and two other units I own. Without giving a thought I deleted the wav files from my computer. Later, I tried to erase the tracks on the 610, got a message that I couldn't. Then when I hooked back up to the computer I found that since the tracks were no longer on the computer I couldn't remove them from the disc. Can I get around that by putting the tracks back on the computer; or, by trying to erase them with a more recent player?
  9. I have gotten a headache trying to read and get a handle on how to use Sonic Stage (I guess I am not alone there).My question is, once I have written some music to minidisc through SS, how do I remove tracks? As I understand it, the tracks need to still be on the computer where they came from. If they are erased from the computer can they be reripped to satisfy SS? Is the process any different with HiMD (I have an MZ-NH600D and an MZ-M100). Have I got this right that SS limits you to 3 moves with a particular track? Does it make any difference if their is no DRM in the track. If anyone can point me to threads that address the check in check out process I would appreciate it.
  10. I have done a fair amount of transfer from vinyl to cd (and then onto md for some things). I've been happy with the results. But in terms of whether md can capture the essence of vinyl, its a non issue for me as I only listen to md through headphones and I listen to vinyl predominately through a couple of floor speakers. It wouldn't occur to me to set up the md as a source player on my home stereo. Sfbp, I picked up Goldwave some time ago for $40 Canadian. I do not even scratch the surface of all the functionality it has but I do use the program to add and delete track marks and more importantly to filter pops and clicks. I find the track mark editing cumbersome but I love having the ability to edit pops and clicks, although I find that the best result comes from removing pops an d clicks one at a time which can be quite time consuming.
  11. Good luck with this listing. However, it's not just that a similar unit can be had for less on ebay, you've got Levanel selling his for $100 less right on this board. I just don't see how you expect to get $400 for this.
  12. Regarding that listing for the MZ-DH10P, is the shipping charge a way to beat ebay charges?
  13. Hey Wizard, wouldn't you think of Gil Evans as an arranger foremost and an instrumentalist almost as an afterthought? Hampton Hawes has also made some great solo piano recordings, particularly the aptly named "The Challenge".
  14. After not using my minidisc (MZ-R700) for quite awhile I have gotten back in this year. Since March I have picked up an MZ-NF610, a Sharp IM-DR420H, and an MZ-M100 in that order. The first two were very inexpensive. Today I just received an MZ-NH600D in the mail, another relative bargain at $70 shipping included. Of course now I want a remote for it.... It is a little addicting, but there are so many available for inexpensively if you are patient.
  15. What remotes will work with the MZ-NH600D? Will the RM-MC38EL work? (I see them available on Ebay).
  16. Listening to the Jimmy Herring Band recorded on 5/10/09 and posted on etree, as are several recent dates by this band. Jazz heavy Greg Osby is part of this tour. I do a lot of downloading at etree, dimeadozen, ect and I have been using the mini disc to listen and decide what to ultimately burn to cdr.
  17. I purchased an MZ-M100 in April for $185 as a Buy It Now item. That unit came with the original box, all accessories and the manual. It seems to me that $225 for a unit with almost none of the accessories is a bit high.
  18. I understand I can buy an adapter, what I am curious about is where can I buy 4 pole headphones that wouldn't need an adapter. I see culp4684 has some Sharp earbuds listed in his equipment that are 4 pole. Does any company make 4 pole over the ear headphones? AS to adapters, is this likely to work http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.js...oductId=2603246 The reason I am curious is I bought a Sharp IM-DR420H which did not come with the adapter.
  19. Is there a brand known for 4-pole headphones?
  20. An MZ-NHF800 just sold on ebay for $200. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120413770155 The same seller has a second unit on ebay at the moment. I was watching the auction but it got a little out of my range at the end.
  21. Gosh, I feel stupid for asking, but, is there any way to discharge the battery besides running it in the player? The GP's came in yesterday's mail along with a charger.
  22. I see that the brand and model recommended by Avrin in 2007 seems to be unavailable. What is the current recommendation for gumstick batteries. I ordered one from ebay (hasn't arrived yet) but now I am afraid to use it for fear of damaging my player. Scratch that, I did find sellers, just not on Amazon.
  23. Thanks Avrin, I seem to be having a little problem with recharging. When I plug into the ac adapter and push the button to charge, everything seems fine. But the unit stops charging within a few minutes. I push the charge button and it begins again. Is this an indication that the battery is indeed played out or is there something wrong with the unit?
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