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  1. Well I have just picked up an MZ-M100. Very happy with it so far. I have a question about he gumstick battery. Evidently the unit hadn't been used for some time and when I charged the battery it didn't hold the charge very long. I put it aside and started using the dry cell attachment. But in reading the manual I noticed Sony recommended charging and discharging the battery several times. I am now on my third cycle of charge/discharge and it seems the battery is coming back to life. This seems counter intuitive to me. How many cycles would you guys recommend to charge/discharge? Thanks is advance for any help.
  2. A seller on Ebay has been listing this remote: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=370187950046 I bought two and they have been exactly as advirtised, seems like a pretty good price. I am not connected to the seller in any way.
  3. I just received this Sharp unit: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=250409150488 I was very curious to hear the 1 bit digital amp based on Kurisu's comments elsewhere on this board. The unit came with the original box but no ac adapter. Will a Sony 3v adapter be ok to use with this (the manual says the adapter supplied is 3v). I also saw a Phillips unit today at a closeout store that purports to serve as an ac adapter for varying voltage from 1.5v to, if I remember correctly, 6v. Is there any other spec I should be looking at, or just the voltage?
  4. Hi Taliesin, I see there a couple of units on Ebay here in the US, one of which ships world wide. See the link below for one with a Buy It Now price. I am not related to nor do I know the seller. I bid on the unit sfbp had linked to, that seller would have shipped to the US for 15 pounds (around 22 USD I think). Had a problem with last minute bid I was prepared to go higher than it actually sold for. C'est la vie. http://cgi.ebay.com/SONY-Hi-MD-WALKMAN-MZ-...%3A1|240%3A1318
  5. I see several reasonably cheap units on ebay but they lack an optical input. Is there a difference in fidelity between music recorded through the optical input (if this were, for instance, an MZ-NH600) as opposed to through USB cable? I understand there is a convenience issue but I don't mind recording in real time particularly if the sound is better. Thanks in advance for any responses/advice.
  6. Did all recorders after a certain date have Type R? If so, when was it incorporated into the recorders.
  7. I also have had trouble bringing the forums up recently.
  8. The player I linked to went for $170.
  9. There is an MZ-M100 on ebay at the moment, is that the same model? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120401902268
  10. I am 52. I bought my son an MZ-R70 around 2000 or so. He never really used it much and I have it now. I bought my self an MZ-R700 in 2002, in advance of a week in the hospital (hip surgery). I just bought an MZ-NF610 on ebay and am looking forward to having the radio available when I go for a walk. I have around 1800 records and maybe 1000 cd's, I have maybe 30-40 minidiscs but I generally record 5-6 minidiscs with new stuff in advance of trips when I want to bring music with me. I listen mostly to jazz, blues, bluegrass and newgrass. For the past 5-6 years I have been downloading bit torrents (first from Sharingthegroove, now from Dimeadozen, TheTradersDen and Zomb) which has, in effect, replaced radio for me. Now I am swimming in cdr's. Would consider storing them on hard drives but I don't see hard drives as a good long term storage medium.
  11. Hi, I have been trying to download the software compatible w/Vista here but I am denied access as not logged in. Is there a separate place to register for the Download section? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. I am looking at an MZ-505 and I see that the North American version did not come with a remote. Will the RM-MC12ELK remote work with a unit that didn't come with one originally? Also, is that remote available anywhere? Are there other remote options? Thanks.
  13. Thanks Bob. This is where I get a little confused. If I understand correctly, you can record in several different modes. So, any ATRAC mode is compressed when it is uploaded to the computer? Is it transcoded to wav as it is uploaded? Or is this a choice you make as the whether its wav or mp3? I really don't understand what PCM is, is that wav also? If so, can I use a wav editor, such as Goldwave, to edit that tracks at that point or do I need to do something else to them first?
  14. Firstly, thanks to everyone who has contributed to this forum and especially to the owners for keeping it open. I have been lurking for a week or so and its been a great source of information. I have an MZ-R700 that I bought in 2001 or so and I have also inherited an MZ-R70 that I had bought for my son. He doesn't listen to any portable players at all, typically only on his computer or my stereo (kids!). I have been happy with my player but haven't really used it all that much since I do most of my listening in the car. I am using it occasionally though and I wanted to know if the advances from my unit to the HiMD units are primarily in ease of use with regards to size of media and getting music from the computer, and I suppose, live recording. I have done almost all my recording via optical cable from an HHB Burnit 830 which I use mostly for cd playback at home. My question is, is there a significant upgrade in sound from the R-700 to the HiMD units or are the adavnces primarily elsewhere? If I look into an HIMD I have already narrowed it down to the MZ-NHF800 or the MZ-NH600D because, if I understand correctly, these two take a simple AA battery. The other thing I am a little intrigued about is what other brands of MD are held in high esteem here. I saw a review of some Sharp units with the one bit and digital amp (Auvi) here somewhere that was glowing but I can't seem to find again. Were these units retailed in the US?
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