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  1. Here is what I will be posting on Ebay: 287 recordable minidiscs NOTE: All mds have been recorded on. Erase them at your leisure. Each disc and slipcase probably have labels as well. A simple way to remove a face label is to soak a q-tip in WD 40 and rub it onto the face label until soaked. For the slipcase, lay it (remove disc!) on a paper towel and simply spray WD-40 on the label soaking it as well. Wait a few hours and then remove label. You may need to use rubbing alcohol or something like Goo Gone to remove any residue. Wipe it off and let it dry before relabeling. Hardware & Accessories & Software
  2. Topic says it all...this was brought on by two things: (1) The recent annoucement of the end of MD production by Sony (2) The loss of my imported cds (hundreds) and thusly the loss of thousands of files after the external drive I was using got corrupted. I know that #2 is not Sony's fault, but after reading about the end of production, I decided it was time to move into the 21st century. So I reformmated the external drive that I have been importing cds to over the last two years. In the next few days I will be putting my collection of recordable mds onto Ebay, along with the player and sofware for auction. My Ebay username is DRDOOMCOMICS. I will post the number, brands, and time-lengths of the discs, along with info about the player. I have both a portable and a home deck. It has been a sweet ride with MDs since I bought the first player in 1999, but after the above recent events and I imagine it won't be long until Sony discontinues the remote connection to your databases, I decided it is time to mve on. Feel free to bid if you wish.
  3. The problem here and with other such posts is: you are assuming that everyone wants a mindisc player. The base of customers interested in it is a small fraction of just the iPod base! Just recently I saw a report that nearly 300 milllion ipods have been sold since 2001!!! Somewhere there is statement here that Sony has sold some 22 million over 19 years...that is an average of 96,491 md units per year for Sony. Compare that to 2,500,000 per month for iPod. I am not a businessman, but even I can see what the majority of audiophiles want... There just simply is not enough customer base to warrant continuing the manfactuer MDs.
  4. No need to be lost: the disc I am trying to import is not a cd-r. It is a store-bought disc that I got some years ago. I have imported all tracks execpt the last two. When I try to import those two, I get the above-mentioned message.
  5. Huh...well, I can see there is little agreement on this but that ok...I have just learned that I have made a mistake, so maybe this will clarify: In my OP, I stated something to the effect of that all the songs on the problematic disc had been converted to the WAV with no problem, except one or two. Well, that is dead wrong...I was referring to the wrong cd entriely. I just figured that out: The disc I mentioned in the OP (and I checked my records) was burned from a music-downloading site that I had purchased some albums. I also have 4 other cds imported to SS that I burned from the same site. NONE of those tracks can be converted to the WAV. So the reason I guess is because of the service I purchased them from. Ok, so I have located now the original cd I was having problems with. To sum, this is another problem (nothing to do with the OP) but I will just put in this thread since it has already been started. I have imported ALL tracks on this disc, execpt the last two. I have an attachement that shows the progress and the message. If you can't open it, I will post the steps here.
  6. Huh...ok. Well, I don't rip from the disc itself. I import the cd to the Library and select a song and convert it to a WAV from that point. What is puzzling me is that on this disc, there is just one song giving me this message...all 9 others covert fine.
  7. ok, so yesterday I posted (I thought) about a problem that I ran into while converting files in the WAV format, but it seems I goofed somewhere cause I don't see it anywhere. So here it is again: Some months ago I found an Ipod Touch buried in the couch. No one claimed it so I gave to my son who has Down's Syndrome. He can navigate the icons and play what he wants. With some music he wants I have copied the cds to the Library. Since I don't want to drive to wharehouse to get them (I don't keep either my cd or comic collection at home...too big)I began copying the cds using the SS program. I learned that if I use said SS to convert the songs to a WAV, I can then import them to the Ipod and he can play them. SO far, that method has worked great...until now. I went to covert two songs off one cd in the Library. One converted fine and I was able to load it onto the Ipod. The other gives me this message (see attachment): What's going on here? Message.rtf
  8. Ok, so some years ago Neato discontinued their mindisc labels that I had used for some time. So I ordered some labels from some site, but now I am unsure what that site was or I would just contact them. Here's the problem: The labels are in a Word Template format. I can print the text on a regular piece of printer paper to check the alignment, but the text will not print on the label sheet itself. Now I have had this problem beofre, but I don't remember how I solved it. Any idea what is causing this? I am thinking that I have posted about this before, but I cannot find it.
  9. Well, I do have a "USEFUL" selection, but it is a search function (artist, album, song title and group) there is no "audio out" selection. The only other options I have a far as sound goes is "sound" which has submenus of "normal" and "sound eq"...just an eq setting menu. There is an "AVLS" option and I have turned it off, but it does not seem to effect the problem. I think I am going to Radio Shack later on and buy a tad-more expensive pair of plugs and see how that affects the volume.
  10. Ok, so I have a MZ NH600 Hi-MD player. Usually I play it thru the AUX input on my receiver in the car and the volume is fine. But yesterday when I plugged some headphones to listen to it at work, the volume was really low...even with the unit volume at 30. I tried a few more headphones and all with the same results. I also noticed that the battery was about dead so I replaced it, but that had no effect. To be fair, all these headphones are the cheap-$2-my-wife-boutght-them-at-Walmart variety. I don't have any decent in-ear plugs. I have checked the audio settings and the hold button and all seem normal. Could my problem be just these cheesy headphones? Can some recommend some decent in-ear plugs that might produce better results?
  11. Ok so: (1) I was looking yesterday at Staples and saw several versions of W7 and all of them said "32 & 64 bit dvds inside". Is this what you are talking about? (2) Ok.
  12. (1) Need to upgrade the OS on my Dell Dimension 4600 from Windows XP to Windows 7. Is SS going to work with this? I don't want to lose the hundreds of discs I haev imported. I import them now to an external HDD...if that means anything. (2) I noticed that the Simple Burner app seems to have vanished...how do I bring it back?
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