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  1. You might try a different cable, make sure it's a 2 ring mono cable and that should do it. Not trying to be glib, but are you sure there is CD-TEXT on the CD's. I've run across very few that have it and I have @ 3,000 CD's. Keep us posted and we'll try to get it to work! I'd love to have a changer to record from if only more CD's had text on them!
  2. It's like you read my mind with the Beatles Mono stuff. I might have to try it. The cool thing about that old stuff for me I listened to that stuff with teenage ears so now it's going to have to be great sounding to be approximate. I'll see if our library can help me out with your suggestions. They are pretty good with inter-library loans.
  3. I'm partial to the N10. Yeah the battery was a bad idea, and the cable too. But they have a AA side car and neat docking stand. I always wanted a portable with a docking stand. Looks great and works even better. I have 2 of them and I use one for NetMD and the other I record House Of Hair with Dee Snyder every week. I have over 100 hours of recording time one the one and it's still going strong. There are probably recorders better suited to our unsupported environment
  4. I'm pretty sure it would be TEOTWAWKI and I see no reason to go on...
  5. I have 2 of the JE480 and I generally agree with BC's observations. I will add that the 480 really does make LP4 sound a little better than out of my 940. A good one for under $100 is a steal in my opinion. With a digital out mod it will be right there with the much more expensive units. It does have pretty good 24 bit chips in it... Another good thing about these units is that they were marketed to the lower end hi-fi crowd. Those who didn't care much about features but wanted to have MiniDisc in their system. The 3 I've bought used don't seem to be used much at all. Seeing how MD died so quick on America's shores, I don't think the owners used them much. On to the next fad I guess. All good for us though, huh?
  6. That's mighty kind of you ro post that pic! Looks like that daughter board is a must have unfortunately. Very advanced for it's time in my opinion. I'll probably look for a whole used machine.
  7. Hey, LA2019 Can you tell me what kind of cable that MD drive uses to connect to the motherboard? If Sony made a modern PC like that with a Hi-MD drive I'd be all over it! But since they probably won't I might try to build my own.
  8. Hey Psycho, I'd take that Now 43 disc and trade you a TDK SG series or Sony Color or whatever. I collect those Nows, and would really appreciate trading if your deal falls through. Paperclip
  9. 3 years non-stop is pretty amazing! I often wonder how long HDD's will last when they are spun down lilke that... I know they wear on start-up so it's probably a balance like most things. I spin mine down after 1 min. I don't know. Let me know when you have a disc failure if you think about it...
  10. I'll take any N10's you want to scrap. I love those models!
  11. I add the pre-programmed devices first then edit them from there. Took me a while to figure out that I need to save the project file AND download to the remote, to save all the changes. I try to have the thing sitting on the coffee table next to the laptop. When I use a device (say JB940) I use the AX4000 to control it. If there is a function I need I use the original remote to learn the code needed. That way it isn't all programming and I have time to get it set just the way I like it. I actually like using this remote better than the originals. So yeah, I recommend you set up the laptop by the TV, for now Some of the buttons on the LCD defy editing. If you figure that out let me know.
  12. It warms my heart to hear someone is still using the old SLUG!
  13. Thanks for that info. I've been working on a system for a camper that will be running off batteries.
  14. I'll bet someone here has one. Getting them to part with it might be difficult. Heck, anything just being in that shot is going to cost WAY more than it's worth. Try posting something over on the TV section, you never know. Probably take some networking and time. Very cool and I wish you the best of luck!
  15. That's the one on the Sgt. Pepper cover, very cool! Good luck with the search.
  16. Not really. I got a "D" in tech school math and I was damn proud of it. I ain't even opening a hex editor if I don't have too. Thanks for the kind words. I miss Phil. Now that guy was gifted
  17. Very nice unit those are. You might try Jim, he seems to know alot about these things in general here is his Ebay link: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/jim.hoggarth&ssPageName=STRK:MEFSX:SELLERID Good luck, let me know how it works out.
  18. If all you need is storgage/server, to be used with a seperate front-end like a modern receiver I can highly recommend HP's Media Vaults. Especially the first generation. I've have mine running 2 discs, up to 1.5 TB (limit). I just use mine for storage but they will stream music too. I think they are under $100 now. Runs FreeNas OS, very robust and easy to use. Mine have been in service for 3 years and I bought them used... I've been thinking about trying a new receiver with DLNA to bypass the audio computer all together. Seems to be the most efficient setup now. That Sony NAC-HD1 really got under my skin this week. Nice looking unit, great concept.
  19. I just have to ask: can you hook up a MiniDisc downloader and put music on MiniDisc? I doubt it but... This thing just begs for a lightweight Linux distro IMO. I'll be watching this one for sure!
  20. Your question is a bit advanced for me. What I know at this point is it will learn just about anything, program variable pauses, and chain up to 4 commands. I'm like a caveman when it comes to this stuff: I grunt and giggle just turning all the decks on and off with one button. I think it must be magic
  21. I find this interesting. A hack on a used portable @ $50 (used 600D) putting a digital out to a good dac = $1000 MD-133? Who knows. You can easily find your digital out with a 'scope. Should be a fairly nice square wave when idle.
  22. Belated congrats, Stephen! Too bad you ruined the site. AMF! I know you are reading these as I delete them, get a life
  23. Sure is the same as our MD stuff, Steven! I think it's called mini-usb type b. I actually use the same cable for both the remote and my MD's so I'm 100 % on this. I think the AX-3100 is the model with the timer feature one grade below the 4000 (other models lower in number don't have a timer). I think the reason I went with the 4000 is it can control more stuff. I'm still gettting used to it but now have most of it programmed for the simple decks. Still working on the D400, the CD section is tricky. I used it to edit a whole disc of radio recordings (JB940) and they way I have the buttons set up, I like it much better than the original remote. As big as the thing is it fits in the hand well. Not like a fine English double mind you but fine in it's own right.
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