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  1. And yet another problemwith my new walkman software. I made up several playlists using WMP 11, it wasnot easy as I use Winamp as my music manager and it took a long time fiddlingwith settings to get the wpl files recognized as WMP files and not Winamp.However I succeeded and made the drag and drop transfer, but oops the Walkmandoes not recognize them. Error message

  2. Hi Sony Walkman users.I live in Italy and recently bought a NWZ-X1050 as I strongly dislike Apple (except I think Jobsis brilliant) products and wanted a good MP3 device with OLED screen for easeof use to use a secondary and portable music player. As I get into I find someproblems and you might see me from time to time on this forum.

    So problem #1 is that Iwould like to use the Walkman in the kitchen plugged into the aux input of myold Bose Wave Radio which still has unmatched speaker quality for a table-topunit. Alas the Sony doesn't have enough output juice to drive the Bose. I canget a very low volume by turning both volume controls up to the max with ofcourse inevitable distortion. Apparently EU has maximum level standards to protect users ears, but I have a Samsung Stick type MP3 player (which I use on my tractor, but horrible buttons and no screen to speak of) which runs the Bosejust fine - albeit you have to turn both volumes up, but not to the point ofdistortion.

    Now my question istwo-fold - first does anyone know of a hidden user setting that can increasethe volume output? I already have the AVLS setting switched off. Second failingthat can anyone recomend a good low cost line amplifier to plug in with theunit.

    Thanks to anyone whoanswers and have a great 2011

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