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  1. On 19.12.2017 at 10:38 AM, chri5 said:

    Had another thought re cloning and trying to save time copying 100s of discs in real time.

    Once I've recorded the master minidisc (CD>OPTICAL>MD) in original standard play format. 

    Using the mz-rh1 I name the tracks on the minidisc via sonic stage then copy the atrac files from the disc to the PC. Put another minidisc in the mz-rh1 and copy the atrac files back to MD?


    Import Format can be .wav and Atrac3+256 kb/s. If you want to transfer them to a 2nd Disc you are limited to Atrac3+ or MDLP modes.There is no software based Sp encoder :/

    So after all you will need a Denon unit like mine or the Sony professional Decks as mentioned before.

    There´s a test Version of QHimd that transfers .wav files @ 4xSpeed to SP on NetMD units. The Recorder does the decode part similar to the combo Decks.

    I tried this myself some times but didn´t succeed to get a 100% playable Disc.There was constant nooise after a certain % .I think a 32Bit OS could have been the Key to get a working Disc in the end

    Or you go straight Hi-MD .. which is not what you might want to

  2. On 11.12.2017 at 8:16 AM, philippeb said:

    The MDS-W1 clones SP and MONO tracks. LP2 and LP4 tracks cannot be cloned (they are transformed into silent SP tracks).


    Let alone this Fact tells me that the Discs aren´t cloned but rather just re-encoded.

    I got a Denon MD Replicator that copies all Discs. The Unit is pre MDLP but copies them too.

    That said it´s pure logic that the MDS-W1 don´t copy the Raw Atrac Data isn´t it ?

    that unit

  3. 8 hours ago, mimarsinan said:

    I had actually asked another question:

    Is there no MegaBass or similar option on this device then?


    The MegaBass was only on some early units. Later on there´s a custom EQ that you can edit via the remote in this case. The Main Body of the RH1 got no Button to change the EQ.

    Just try to hold the "Sound" Button on the remote to enter the Menu

  4. Write protect tab is closed ? .. yea just asking :-D

    so what happens when you record ? Does the Walkman  read Discs at all or just a blank Disc after recording ?

    If Disc is blank after recording send me a picture of the openen unit where the upper inside can be seen.That´s where the OWH is , the one who is responsible for making the record happen. I´ve seen so many units with bend OWH´s where , as i suggest , people had low battery or sort of and didn´t press stop after recording and openend the unit violently. That way one busts the OWH because its still onto the Disc and gets bend when ejecting the Disc manually.

    Does it still play MD and Hi-MD ?

    If answer is no -> does it play pre-recorded ? ( Factory made MDs )

  5. 23 hours ago, NGY said:

    That's right, the 930 does not have this functionality, not even in the Setup. (Unfortunately. And I sold my 920.)

    But the 940 does have it, regardless there is no DO BIT button on the RM-D49M. The JA20ES also does, and it's remote has both the Filter and DO BIT buttons on it.

    No button on the remote because it´s only accessible through the menu.I´ve sold all my 940´s and don´t worry about it :-)

    I just searched my JA20´s remote but can´t find it.That unit is not hooked to any of my stereos so im not surprised i´ve put the remote to storage.

    what surprises do you mean? Concerning these 2 buttons ok but otherwise ? What bothers me the most is the compatiblity between all MD remotes.If only they had made a 1-2-3 switch like on my Cd Changers remotes.. but that´s not the big deal. I simply put 1 MD unit to each system so im fine :-D

  6. On 8.1.2017 at 11:17 AM, NGY said:

    Thanks for the input. May I ask you to take a good photo of the two different RM-D33M remotes? With and without the DO BIT button. It sounds interesting. And I am going to check my 33 immediately  :-).

    The DO BIT button is there to set the bit depth of the digital out, 16-20-24 bits, if I recall it correctly. Normally, this button would have its own IR code different from those I am looking for, but I will certainly check it.


    UPDATE: my RM-D33M does not have the DO BIT button :-( .

    Of course not.The DO out button is only for Models like JB920 / JA50 . Iirc only the JA50 has both buttons.All other Models have DO out or Filter button.

    The 33 remote is from the JB930 isn´t it ? That Deck has no such function, only the Filter

  7. On 2.1.2017 at 10:15 AM, sfbp said:

    CDDB is for CD's. Period.

    happy new year :-)


    that was what i have read.Kind of misleading isn´t it ? It´s M-Crew that looks up the Cddb for CD. I understood this wrong / maybe because my english sucks :-)

    After all there´s no advantage for the PC3.I can title and get Cd info with SoS the same way..

    So time to find a new purpose for the PC3.

  8. yes. As i din never try this by myself i can only guess that this works. I´m pretty sure i read about this here in the Forums.

    You could give it a try and tell me if it´s worth to setup a 3rd machine running 32Bit Winxp :-)

  9. On 18.10.2016 at 1:27 AM, sfbp said:

    I actually like the PCLK - it is highly reliable. And the PC3 is a gem, given that you can't do the remote PS/2 (well, can you????) with the non-Japan version of 940.


    happy new year :-)

    I read the whole thread and wanted to ask if there are some using the PC3 ?

    I got a fully boxed PC3 lying around and never got to test it´s PC connection. Now i remember that i once read about it being the only unit capable of getting Track information through CDDB directly to the Disc. Is that a fact ? Anyway all my machines run Win10/64 so i would have to setup a new one to get M-Crew run ..?





  10. Hey Rusty

    On 29.12.2016 at 6:46 PM, RustyRoses said:

     I've got about 50 in total, most are Sony and Sharp with lots of the 10th Anniversary clear ones and transparent purple 80min Sharps.

    Until I pick up the correct USB cable, I'll be using a TOSLink cable with 2x Mini TOSLink adaptors between my MacBook and my MZ-NH1 on Hi-SP. It's not the 352kbps version


    would you swap some of the MD10th Discs ? I could offer you the cable you need ;-)

    I would like to see a picture of the Discs if possible ?

    Send me a message when you´re interested

  11. 8 hours ago, sfbp said:

    TBH 352 never sounded that much better than 256.

    What **is** amazing is how good some of the low bitrate stuff is. I have hundreds of hours of stuff at 66 and 132. For those one wants to record a digital source directly to a deck.

    Forget pre-recorded disks.

    Hi there ;-)

    i have to disagree concerning the A3+352.

    If you play them on a Deck ( Onkyo Hi-MD Deck MD133 in my case ) the Sound is as close to CD as Atrac3+ can get.I tested some files with Hi-SP vs. A3+352 and to me the later one wins each time. I use to import CDs , which i´v ripped with EAC before, to SoS and transfer them straight to a reformatted 80min Disc in A3+ 352.

    That´s about the best choice to be made if you own a Hi-MD Deck and want the best possible SQ.

    Mind you the SQ of a portable is far inferior when playing back A3+ so maybe that´s why some don´t spot a difference.

    It´s a bit disappointing the Decks can´t record all the A3+ modes but at least the play them just fine :-)

    Just my experience.. others may or will see this different

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