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  1. thanks for letting me know i'm going to bid on a few on ebay to see how the land lies if you should see anything that is good then please let me know as i may indeed mis something
  2. thanks freddy i may go for this i'm going to keep an open mind and yes that was the part that broke so that to could be another angle to look at. if a did go down this route tho i would get the complete lens i'm looking at this also but my gut feeling here this will reach top money http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SONY-MDS-JB940-QS-Minidisc-Deck-Remote-Excellent-Condition-99p-NR/121794562101?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D33840%26meid%3Dfb290ee7bc13428d876882b293b098ae%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D252136955041 also what is the difference between the uk model and the copper screws and the EU model ?
  3. is the JB 730 any good in case i'm unlucky in getting hold of a 940 i know the parts wont work in it but i'm after a good unit so may have to get hold of anything that's at least as good as the 940 i have my old 920 special edition and might even get hold of one of those if needed as it's been a superb unit but with the display fading to a level i can no longer see it it still works well none the less but at at least 15 years old it will pack up at some point i'm sure
  4. 5 belts will last at least 20 years i think the main thing is to make sure that any spare parts are kept in good storage. i'm hoping my next unit will be like new so that i'll have most of the spares for it from my unit i just broke a hard lesson learned and at the age of 60 i haven't done to bad in this hobby the only other error i have made was getting rid of jvc vhs machine on an easily rectified fault for a new super vhs machine thinking it would be better to buy new then pay out 70 pounds on a 5 year old player and i was wrong as little did i know that i had bought the best vhs machine ever built as most of the internal components were that of it's bigger brother from the super vhs model and made in japan and the new model i purchased had come about at the start of downturn in japan and was now made in Germany and with regret and i have the 2 top German players not as good as my standard vhs I think all of us have made errors at some point the idea is if you can learn from mistakes then you can then pass your knowledge onto others and with confidence
  5. i have a very rare cd recorder from marantz that skips for the first 5 minutes of playing but woks perfectly after that so i'm leaving alone just to be on the safe side http://www.hifiengine.com/files/images/MARANTZ DR6000 CD RECORDER PLAYER.jpg
  6. i did not Stephan which was a bad error on my part as at the time it would not come out where as before he had albeit hit and mis as i say i hope to get hold of a newish 940 and i will now have some spare parts if needed i will let you know when i get hold of the new one although it may take some time is this model any good do you know http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sony-MDS-JB730-QS-Black-High-End-Minidisc-Deck-MINT-Condition-/181882628629?hash=item2a590caa15:g:wjcAAOSw9r1WBTVI
  7. one of those things working in a area that's delicate
  8. I have decided to get another JB940 so that i will have the spare parts for the future as it is a good deck overall and will keep the belt in case it's needed at some point As for me fitting it then no i will pass on that as my dealer says he's more then capable
  9. is the SONY MDS-JB930 QS a step up to the JB 920QS or the equivalent to the 940 ? do you know Also Sony MDS-JB730 QS Black High-End Minidisc Deck what is this machine like ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sony-MDS-JB730-QS-Black-High-End-Minidisc-Deck-MINT-Condition-/181882628629?hash=item2a590caa15:g:wjcAAOSw9r1WBTVI
  10. Hi Stephen will we be able to put the 940 display unit into the 920 ? making it look like new ?
  11. i have dropped the units over at the at the engineers so i'll leave it up to him as the best way forward. the laser unit of the old 920 did work but has been heavily used. He might just swap that over but failing that he will if able just swap the main light unit over as it's new and will just keep all parts for a later date these things happen and if i came across the same model will get another this was just bad luck will keep you posted
  12. i'm afraid this did not go well as the piece of the laser broke off so if possible will need to put the rest of this unit into a old 920 uk model like the lighting unit ? and the belt i have just brought ? i have a tv electronic engineer who works close by so he may be able to swap some of the parts over ?
  13. i will follow your lead we can do this together when your new belt arrives
  14. no freddy like you i'm looking at it but i'm sure it will be not to difficult
  15. Mine is still intact and in place.Just slipping then? and a new one will do the job? hopefully freddy that is all it will be ?
  16. i still have this work to do but will get round to it. if i need to eject the disc i just have to put some pressure in the opening and it ejects but as i say i'll get round to it
  17. I think he is unwell as it would be most unlikely for him to not get in touch ? he may be so unwell and be in a nursing home ?
  18. Hi peter I think if the internet had been around much earlier for the many say around 98 then we could have saved it but most folk only got the internet in a meaningful way non dial up around 2005 so we hadn't got the means to communicate that it was worth preserving this Walkman they have now is much better sounding across the board and am unsure if the mini disc would have been able to keep up http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/hd-walkman-digital-music-players/nwz-a10-series
  19. when you say his email works what one are you using ?
  20. I'm still not being able to get hold of Jim do we know if anyone else has made contact with him just recently ?
  21. Thank you both for your guidance which is very much appreciated
  22. I have received the belt from Holland i never realized how small it was ? it is straight forward to fit ?
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