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  1. Does it properly insert 2 second gaps? Does it play FLAC (I prefer FLAC over mp3 any day).

    I am assuming this method is not possible for tracks that have no gap in between them? What would I do in that case?

    Besides the Kernel Streaming foobar plugin, does the Asio4all plugin reqlly do anything? Are there other worthwhile plugins? Does using foobar2000 provide better quality than dubbing CD to MD ( I have a Sony CE 525 CD player, and a Sony JB930 MD deck, and I use an optical cable for audio, as well Control A1-II for syncing with Song/album title transfer).

    I was really just being silly in that mine is so tiny compared to Arr-Nine-hundred's! :) But yes it does actually play flac files. It's obviously not capable of inserting 2 second gaps where there aren't any, but if you were sat with it, and monitoring while it was recording you could manually add the trackmarks. :)

  2. I don't think minidisc has ever been so high profile as to attract the groups of world-famous-celebrity-hackers who pounce on the consoles when they're released and work 24/7 for months at a time, living only on red-bull and cheesy puffs until they've cracked the protection!

    There are people working on it, but not full time and progress is slow. I wouldn't hold your breath.

    If you'd like to check out where they're up to, or even help them out, the homepage is here:


  3. I'll second that!

    I sent Jim a very broken NH600 just over a year ago. After a very reasonably priced repair, it was returned in perfect working order, and.. Because Jim gives a warranty on his work, I've used this machine almost exclusively, daily for at least 12 months and it's still working as good as new.

    He's a star and we're lucky to have him!

    Lol are you blushing Jim?


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