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  1. "Just remember - AAL is only a ***storage*** format. When you play it, or transfer it to MD, what you get is the ATRAC part. The "lossless part" is there so that during conversions you get correct transformations just as if it had been ripped to the resulting bit rate directly."

    Isn't that equivalent to writing an almost identical rip to the MD? If not and the lossless part gets tossed away then it doesn't really make any difference if I rip directly to Atrac?

    I'm a bit confused :mda:

  2. That's right, I don't need NetMD. In fact it is already set to Hi-MD mode and I want to be able to transfer PCM audio to the minidisc. I couldn't find another way to do this without SB. Is there another method or tool?

    I already have the NetMD driver for Win7 without which my Hi-MD drive wasn't even showing under Windows Explorer but I'm unable to run SB on Win7 (x64). I can manage to run the install in XP compatibility mode but I'm unable to run it... nothing happens after I try to execute it.

  3. I'm trying to use SimpleBurner to rip CDs to my MZ-RH1 in Hi-MD Mode (on a 74min minidisc) but everytime after a couple of minutes the app crashes (just disappears). I have to unplug my MZ-RH1 because it still records after the app crash. I checked Windows Event log and "bad block" errors reported on both cdrom (audio CD source) and minidisc. I already tried two different minidiscs, same result.

    Could this mean my MZ-RH1 is dying? I can't try XP natively and Win7 is the only OS I got...

  4. I'd also like to record audio via my sound card's optical output (Creative X-Fi) using a MZ-RH1 recorder. The source is an old CD recorded in 1995.

    I believe I've configured the playback devices correctly to the optical output port but every time I hit "record" (after playing back the CD) the main display shows "no digital recording" and the remote shows "no copy". I've read that this could be due to copy protection but my source is not a DVD but a CD.

    I know the recorder works because I can record sound from my TV via optical out w/o problems.

    Any ideas what could be wrong?

    LE: Actually it doesn't matter if I record from the CD. I get the same message regardless if I play from the CD or sound from a youtube video.

  5. Can older units play Hi-MD discs?

    I currenlty have two MZ-RH1 recorders and would like to purchase a cheap player to offload the wear from these expesive units. I don't want to spend a lot on this "replacement" but everything I run into below te $150 pricemark is very old (year 2000-2004).

    Sorry if this has been answered before.

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