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  1. Hello Everyone, 

    Please bare with me, as I'm new to this and Win10.

    So I recently got my Sony Vaio Laptop PC, S13 Premium. I'm very happy with it, even tho the Stamina/Speed Switch doesn't work. However,  my bigger problem is the Slot Loading Drive. Every time I insert a Disc (must be put in 3.5/4 before it'll take it) it'll click, make a few 'loading/reading' sound and then spits (ejects) it right back out. I've tried every Disc I own. I have tried going on Sony's website and download the Firmware Update, Boot BIOS (couldn't find what I needed (ie OP Drive ) in it), Boot Safe Mode Uninstall Device/ Re-Install Drivers, Uninstall Device/ Un-Plug/Let Sit/ Reboot, and even trying to clean it (the Slot Loader has an upper/lower foam/neoprene-style cover guard). There's nothing physically preventing it (cosmetic issues,  etc). The Eject button works, Properties states there is NO issues wrong with it. The person I bought it from said they used Win10 Disc prior to shipping and it worked. Even the PC worked. I wasn't sure B/C the Sony Website states that this particular drive, firmware updates, and drivers are only supported by Win7 & Win8. I'm at a loss. Hopefully the seller will resolve this,  but haven't heard back. It's been back and forth for days trying to figure this out. Even if I get refunded some money, I either have to figure out a fix for this , pay to get it fixed or get an External Optical  Drive.  Which I don't want to do. Especially B/C I absolutely love this PC otherwise.  Something to note, the Model Number doesn't match the MN when in "About This PC", which I find odd. 

    Here are the Specs (I'll try to add photos too): 

    Name: Sony Vaio S13 Premium 

    M/N (On Bottom of PC): SVS13AB1GL (AKA: SVS13A290X)

    M/N (Located In About PC): SVS13A2APXS

    Processor: Intel i7-3520M CPU @ 2.90 GHz / 2.90 GHz

    RAM: 12.0 GB (11.9 Available )

    System Type: 64-Bit OP System, x64-Based Processor

    Windows ED.: Win10 Pro

    Ver.: 1709

    OS Build: 16299.967

    Optical Drive: MATSHITA BD-CMB UJ167AM (Says it's a BD/DVD/CD-RW, online can't find any info, and actual Properties says its only CD-RW)

    ***Also note that I always get 'Not optimal resolution ', yet resolution is set to max (1600 x 900)***

    And thank you for any Kind help/ support  (tho please don't say "Call Customer Support", don't ask why, also I have no phone calling  now).



    EDIT: This forum won't allow me to upload pix. So I linked them to imgur: http://imgur.com/a/rPlsTzS

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