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  1. Sony JB 940: The saga continues!

    Well it's very strange, I disconnected the unit and transferred it to another location (my kitchen table), removed the case again, connected to mains, pressed On and it came on immediately, and the disc ejected normally. I didn't take any other action except glare at it. I've now put the MD back with the other equipment and it seems to be working normally. Go figure! Anyway all is well than ends well. Thanks for your interest and advice.

    I'm now going for broke and re-connecting my Sony DAT machine, circa 1993. Wish me luck!




  2. After a few years I started using this deck again but needed to replace the worn loading belt which went OK and the deck worked perfectly - for about four days. Now I've got more problems. Today suddenly the deck does not respond when the start button is pressed. The indicator glows proving that the power is there, but all I get is a tiny red "TOC" symbol flashing on the display. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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