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  1. On 5/17/2017 at 3:55 PM, John Cummings said:

    You're are more technical than me I have the older model nas-s55hde and was wondering if the 80gb hdd stopped working would the unit be useless. 


    I decided to open it and disconnect the hdd and sure enough it won't boot just restarts constantly. 


    I tried cloning the hdd with clonezilla but it failed on 2 Dev folders, I tried different drives then decided to format the original hdd connected to the unit and then cloned it to a solid state and it worked. 


    Do you guys still use yours or have you moved on? 


    Hey, sorry to reboot this old thread but I've been trying to work with an S55HDE and currently am dealing with a boot looping problem. Is that because of the HDD then from your experience? 


    I was going to try to upgrade it to an SSD or simply swap out the HDD but it's almost impossible to find an image for the system software anywhere. Could you give some advice perhaps?



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