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  1. post-6863-1134034826_thumb.jpgHi,

    Seeing as GYM doesn't work on linux I tried to make something that would do the job getting my mp3s out from my NW-HD5 player. It is practically GYM's decoding code with some added code in order to use the console to extract the mp3s. It doesn't yet support writing tags of the mp3, although that should be an easy fix if there's interest in it.

    Important! The program does NOT create a key database for you, so you'll have to do this in windows in order to use this tool! Place the decodeKeys.dat in the same folder as this program.

    All credit go to xispe for his GYM code (http://clientes.netvisao.pt/~sonygym/).

    Please report any bugs and be aware that it does not support ATRAC files.

    The code is in C#, so in order to compile it yourself you need the gmcs compiler (mono project, ubuntu package: mono-gmcs).

    I DO NOT take responsibility for any data loss caused by running this program. I am not a professional coder by any means and for all I know this code could be potentially dangerous to your data. Please inspect source for potential bugs before running.

  2. Tried GYM in Vista today and it works without installing the net framework (naturally). You can browse the player and play songs...however you cannot save the songs to the harddrive. The save file dialog doesn't display any file tree. So only way is to listen to a song and copy it from the temp folder, but without id3 tags etc. Oh well, I bet it's a very easy fix which will come in due time when people start using Vista.

  3. Wonderful work to both of you! It really, really gives me value to my player as there were two things that really annoyed me about the device: Not being able to transfer songs back and on-the-go playlists (the bookmarks are a joke). Only one to go to make it the perfect player :)

    Now, I'm very interested in this project and it would be great if you could upload and organize songs so that we can get rid of SonicStage once and for all (can't edit track order in MP3FM afaik). I have one questions however...both MP3FM and SonicStage require power-user priviligies to use the device (haven't tried GYM without yet). Is there any specific reason why it would do that or is it bad coding? I know it's kind of off-topic, but I'm just interested in what I could expect from GYM in this regard when/if upload capabilites are implemented. Not that important for everyone perhaps, I was just curious.

    Is there anywhere I can find info about the findings so far regarding the structure on the NW-HD? I have figured out that 03GINF01.DAT is for album covers and that 04CNTINF.DAT is for songs on the device. But where is the "filename on device" info stored?

    Thanks again for a brilliant program


    Never mind that filename info. Figured it out easily enough...

    Can't see editing the info being a problem at all though. Is there something complicated I've overlooked? Any encryption anywhere on the song list info?

    Hmm...looking again it seems to store it in numerous of files. To speed things up on the device I guess. Kinda makes it more work, but shouldn't be impossible. Too bad I don't know C, so this is kinda useless commenting from me, sorry ;)

    Anyhow, I know you can decrypt the mp3s, so I assume encrypting them wouldn't be a problem either? Anyway, enough babbling from my part, I'm just so curious ;)

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