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  1. Any ATRACLife forum members in HK willing to nab some and sell em at a decent price to fellow members?
  2. thanks for the tip kerfuffle! I havn't tried converting MP3's to OMA in a while, but if i ever decide to, I'll take a look into that I'm still not liking how if I decide on MP3s (or convert from MP3 to OMA) I dont get gapless. But then again i only have a few CDs that include tracks that go from one to the next but anyway, thanks again for the heads up!
  3. I agree. Though the only thing I don't like about MP3s is that when I play it on my walkmans, there's the gap between songs. So because I'm so anal about that, I end up buying CDs and ripping them twice (320kbps MP3 for home/ 64kbps ATRAC3plus for my portables) On a different subject... even though when you rip you can choose to do it DRMless, has anybody noticed that transcoded OMA files that were from MP3s/WMA/etc are DRMed? Or is there a way to disable that too? Thanks in advance
  4. I was speaking out of my arse when I had posted, but after i posted, i wanted to make sure that I wasn't tripping so I tried it out on my players. I searched through a folder and pressed play on track 3. After listening to it for 10 seconds, I pressed < to go all the way back to track 1. I let it play on it's own, using the play mode of "normal". After it finished track two, it showed as pause. [if it's at pause for a long period of time, it powers down itself. Pressing play will resume playback] I tried it on my USA bought A1200(firmware 3.0), my HK NW-A3000 (firmware 2.0), and my JP NW-A3000 (firmware 3.0), and they all present this "problem" I guess it makes sense, since most people start on track 1, so after it goes through the whole album, it'll just go back to track where it started (track 1). I wished the A3000/A1xxx series HD players would be like the HD1/HD3/HD5 where after it finishes one folder it'll start on the next. At first this little "feature" annoyed me, but I got used to it. I guess it gave me reason to take my player out and admire at all its glory
  5. Hey bro, Yeah, the three minute charging thing still applies. It's like this: You're about to go out, and when you press play, it shows "low battery". You plug it in to charge for three minutes (doesnt have to be exactly 3.. it can be more), and if you turn off all display settings and EQs, you will be able to listen to it for a few more hours. A full charge in of itself is typically less than 2 hours, so once it's fully charged you can use it for quite some time. The E507 charges directly from the USB port. However, you can buy a USB to AC Power Adapter http://www.sonystyle.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP....AC%2fDCAdapters This is similar to the one that's supplied with the NW-A3000/NW-A1xxx series, except it plugs directly into the wall (As opposed to those that have a doggle and a cord to plug into the wall). If the A608 is like the E507, the AC adaptor will not be supplied, and it will only be charged via USB.
  6. Thanks kerfuffle for your little tidbit about how it works in Australia. yeah, i think i remember something about the Connect music stores are only in the USA, Europe, and in Japan (under the name Mora) Wow, I really hope that's not the case that if you use your player on another computer you wont be able to use it on your own again
  7. Nope, they never released the "case" that came with the winter edition of the 608's to the general public. What a bummer.. I really wanted one As for the gym arm band, check on ebay, there might be some.. I did a quick ebay search and only came out with protectors and lanyards with the protective cases...but you never know sony did not make too many accessories for the NW-E400/500 series, which is a real shame. If you're having a friend get it for you in HK, you might want to ask them to check and see if they have any of those accessories there as well
  8. I think it's one of the "abnormalities" of the NW-A3000/A1200/A1000 I have two A3000's and one A1200, and this happens for me as well. I think it has to do with how it plays. With my other HD Walkmans, the HD1 and HD5, after it was done playing one "group", it goes onto the next group. Since my groups were albums, it went album after album until i pressed stop (or the battery drained ) With the NW-A series of HDs, I found that where you started is the "end" point as well. For example: If you were listening to a group with 10 tracks, and stopped at track 5, when you turned on the player, it'll start at track 5, finish with track 10, START OVER at 1 and finally end at 5. So I guess since you "started" at 4, then backtracked, it thought that it was supposed to stop after playing track 3? I don't know, but that's my experience with the Axxx series of HD Network Walkmans
  9. Sure, feel free to PM me if you get the player, I'll be more than happy to guide you though AppLocale. It's quite simple.. you install it once, you set it, make a shortcut for it, and you open the Applocale link for SS instead of the Sony one. As for the design "flaw", I've had mines since they've been out last april/may, and I've had no moisture problem. Then again i think it might depend on how you use it. Most of the time, I have mines in my pocket, or in a carabiner (which has been discontinued btw). I use it quite often, and a few times while it was misting/ really foggy (gotta love that San Francisco weather ). I didn't notice any moisture getting inside. But I recall you saying you want to use it for working out -- I don't know how that'll turn out though, sorry Oh yeah, one last thing -- You know that OLED screens are hard to read outdoors during the daytime, right? When you're indoors or it's dark out, OLED looks so amazing. You just don't see the magnificance of it in pictures -- when you see it in real life, you'd be quite surprised.
  10. Haha... I think you're right on the money JustAnUnCoolCat It makes perfect sense though -- the more you transcode/convert things, the more the quality deteroriates. It's be silly to take a 64kbps WMA and transcode it to say.. 192kbps MP3 and think that the MP3 will sound better. It won't because the damage has been done already. haha, boy has this post evolved.. My original intention was to point out my shock at the differences that Sony has decided to put on a regional basis. I'm happy that I'm able to install the SonicStage software on 5 computers, and transfer music to the player on all 5, and send tracks from the player between the linked computers. I was flabbergasted when I found out that the Connect stores that are outside of the USA imposes the 1 computer per player diddily
  11. thanks stuge for clarifying that for me. I wasn't sure and I was trying to research to help asianmoomoo out. Though I do wonder.. is it just USB 2.0 compliant, or does it actually transfer files at that speed? It might be sonicstage crippling it, but with my NW-A1200, I don't feel that it actually transfers as if it was a "USB 2.0" harddrive... haha Have you tried SonicStage CP 4.0 yet? Is it deemed acceptable to you? I also want to point out that.. -YES the player does display many languages -- It's Unicode - BUT, it does not do it natively Sony being all Sony on us takes certain things out from certain regions. For Sony America, you need to go download "AppLocale" from Microsoft, and set the regional settings to China to open up sonicstage Then when you transfer music to your player, i'll keep the titles, instead of them looking like "????"
  12. sup, not exactly sure, but one would hope it is.. I thought the NW-E507 was USB 2.0, but appearantly it wasn't The transfering of songs for me really doesnt take that much time -- I think the most tedious part of transfering is if you were converting the songs into ATRAC3/ATRAC3plus format. Transcoding your files is the most tedious part of the transfering of music. For me though, I don't really download songs, and all my music i rip directly off of CDs at 64kpbs ATRAC3plus format. That way, when I transfered songs, I didn't have to sit and wait for the files to transcode So each track for me is about 2MBs or so.. so even if it is USB 1.1, it didn't really feel that slow to me EDIT: I also want to mention that it's not required to transcode your songs into ATRAC/ATRAC3 format. You just get better battery life and can fit more songs onto the player. With my 1GB player, all my songs are 64kbps ATRAC3plus, and I currently have 493 songs, and still have about 25MB leftover. When you put MP3s on, it just wraps the files with DRM and makes them a OMA file, but it doesnt transcode them.
  13. Whoops, didn't mean for the confusion! For the USA, there is no Connect Player download. We only have SonicStage CP download, but you download it from the Connect website, which is the name of Sony's iTunes store. Sony CONNECT Player (SonicStage ver. 4.0) There's the link to try it out Again, sorry for the confusion
  14. Yeah, I can completely relate to you. That was one of the reasons why I steered towards the NW-507 instead of getting the bean (shuddup, I thought it was cool! x_X) The NW-A608 isn't that old, really. I got my 507 when it *first* came out, and it came out the summer of 2005 (I think in late april?). So the 608 is less than a year old at most, i think... The 608 is still being manufactured and sold.. even in Sony Japan: http://www.jp.sonystyle.com/Walkman/index.html My best bet would be to find an importer to help you nab one from japan. ( or asia -- probably not UK because of the volume limiter restriction thing -- I'm not sure if you can hack to change it on the flash players) but yeah, go and try out the software first, to make sure that you are able to handle it -- that way your purchase wont be in vain.
  15. Sup asianmoomoo, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, hope you enjoy your stay here The NW-A608 isn't a model that's carried here in the states. There are, however, a few models to choose from. If you can wait til mid-september, you can get the NW-S205F, which is a sports-oriented network walkman Another 2GB one from Sony USA is the NW-E005 series. That one comes in three colors -- black, violet, and green The 1GB and 512MB editions come in different colors. I have many network walkmen (check my profile for the list), and I've been a pretty happy camper so far. I have the NW-E507 (the predessor to the NW-608 that you're inquiring about) and I love it. The sound quality is really good, and the battery life really is excellent (I get pretty close to the rated 50hrs by having all my tracks at 64kbps ATRAC3plus ). The only downside that most people hate about the Sony Network Walkmans are the software. I've used earlier incarnations of it, and this is the best version of it out. I'd suggest trying out the software before deciding to buy a sony network walkman or not. Sony Connect Take note that this software only works on systems that are Windows-based, and requires Internet Explorer to access the music store (built into the sonicstage program) If you are able to handle the software, then you will have no problems with any of the players made by Sony. However, if you can't stand the SonicStage software, you'd be better off checking out another brand.
  16. Hey waytarn, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium. Hope you enjoy your stay here You can't do it natively through SonicStage CP. Go look for a program called "AppLocale", that is made by Microsoft. When you open SonicStage using AppLocale (assuming it works with Thai -- I havn't tried it before), and title tracks in the language you want, it should transfer onto the player, since the player is Unicode. Hope this tip helps
  17. Great find Stuge Deckard: Good work on the first sheep. You might have felt that sheep coming After playing like 10 times, this was the best score out of them.
  18. Hey Hpi_matrix_stock, No problem bro, I'm just here to share the walkman love Hope you get it to work the way you want it to! Cheers
  19. Hey Hpi_matrix_stock, Changing the settings to have it transfer straight MP3s is pretty simple. While in the transfer mode, click the button that looks like a suitcase. Afterwards, click on the bubble corresponding to "Standard transfer mode" then press ok, and start transfering As far as simple drag and dropping, there are a few applications that can do it. I havn't run into any problems with SonicStage, so I havn't tried using any of them. Go check the downloads section of this forum, ana use the search feature and look up other threads about them Anyway, goodluck, and hope you start enjoying your Network Walkman
  20. Hey Hpi_matrix_stock, Unfortunately, the only way you can get music onto your player is to either format the player or wait until you get your laptop back. I had not realized before that in some places, sonicstage is one account to one computer (instead of up to 5pcs like in the USA). Since you don't want to format, you will have to wait until you get your laptop back in order to add additional songs onto the player. P.S. Did you transfer the songs as ATRAC or as MP3s? If it was mp3, it shouldnt have taken that long, since it just wraps the mp3 in DRM and then transfers over to player (instead of reconverting them).
  21. I completely agree with you Ascariss. Sometimes, I feel that the 64kbps Atrac3plus files that I rip on my own from CDs sound better than the 132kbps ATRAC3 tracks that are offered at Connect. Though I have nabbed a few items off Connect in the past, the primary reason I have one is so that I can use more than one computer to transfer songs to my network walkmans, and that the "check-in" really does work (allows me to transfer atrac files off my walkman and onto authorized computers) I'll stick to my cd rips P.S. Thanks for the info too, I'm surprised that they sell the Walkman, but don't have a corresponding music store up there :\
  22. Hey guys, While trying to research for some people's problems concerning the connect software, I had always consulted with the Connect USA's website as reference. For some reason or another, I had decided to deviate and check out Sony Connect Europe , just to see how their store is run. I checked out the FAQ's and I was completely surprised at what I saw.. I was completely stunned by this. In all of my advise I had referred to the US run store. The "We plan to introduce the ability to use your tracks on 2nd and 3rd PCs when technology allow" part is total rubbish. Using Connect USA, you're able to link up 5 different computers onto one account, allowing you to transfer tracks between them and to the player as well. What. The. Heck. Do you think they are playing favortism towards certain markets (ie. the USA) or do you think that there are local laws that are causing them to do this? For all of you who aren't in the USA and are wondering, Connect USA lets you... - Use up to 5 computers at a time to transfer songs onto your network walkman - You have a purchase log of all tracks that you've purchased, and are allowed to download them onto up to 5 computers. The primary computer allows transfers over to network walkmans, mp3 cds, atrac cds.. the other 4 are play only - The newer Network Walkmans can be authorized into your account, so when you transfer purchased tracks from their website onto your registered player, it does not use one of the "Check-Outs" I'm kind of intrigued now. What features are present in the Connect website in your region?
  23. Hey Tometal, When you said you changed the names of the albums, did you change the ID tags, or the names of the files/folders themself? If you changed the name of the file itself, sonicstage probably can't locate the song, since it doesn't do dynamic linking (or not that i know of.. lol) Have you transfered the songs before? If so, it is probably that version that plays, and not the one that gets converted and sent to the player. Just to make sure, did you transfer a non-atrac file in to get transfered? If so.. Right click on one of the songs in question, go "properties" Under the "File Info" tab, there should be two files -- one that's the original and the other being the OpenMG Audio track. Check the locations of both to make sure that both really do exist Other than that, I too, don't know what the problem could be..
  24. Hey Hpi_matrix_stock, Welcome to ATRACLife Colloquium, and hope you enjoy your stay here. Did you transfer anything onto the player from the laptop before it went in to service? If so, that is probably why you are unable to transfer new material onto the player, since there is music on it that was previously transfered from a different computer. To get it to work, you will need to format the player (Home => Settings => Initialize Disk) Afterwards, try transfering music again. It should work this time. (For future reference..) Have you registered for the Connect website? I'm not sure how sony's connect works in other parts of the world, but for connect USA, once you set up an account (FREE) with them, you can use the same login for 5 computers, and then you can transfer music onto the player with those 5 computers. Again, I don't know how sony's connect site is structured for the rest of the world, but for the USA, this holds true. If the Connect site in your country does the same, register your current computer to the site, and then register the laptop when you get it back. You can then transfer music to the player using both computers. Hope this information helps.
  25. good to hear that you figured it out Hope you enjoy your new network walkman!
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