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  1. There's a way to increase the output power?? I've never heard of that, but I'd definetly consider doing it if I thought I had a chance of pulling it off.
  2. Either way, USB isn't the bottleneck. The main bottleneck is how there are so many friggin TOC edits...past that, the bottleneck is how fast your computer can encode and how fast the MD unit can actually write. Keep in mind that MD systems were originally designed for 1x recording, period. Writing faster than 500 kbps or so was previously reserved for decks and boomboxes with high speed dubbing, and suddenly we want this tiny unit to write 64x...or roughly 4200 kbps. I bet that's the bottleneck, making such a tiny unit write so fast. Writing to the disc requires heating it up, which requires power, and we're trying to run minidisc units off of 1.5 V sources (one AA battery.) However, I think Sony is the biggest bottleneck. If they want to speed up NetMD, they can do it. They can kick out the repetitive, unnecessary TOC edits, they can make the software more efficient, it wouldn't be hard for them to do. Sony has really been getting on my shizlist for making their products suck. Speaking of which...out of curiosity, why the hell doesn't someone like Sharp step up to the plate and push the limits of MD systems? Competition drives innovation, and I think Sony is slacking.
  3. I have an MZ-N10, and I'll run any tests you want. That's AWESOME that you're working on NetMD stuff. I can't program (yet,) but I want to help in any way I can. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out.
  4. I made labels by simply measuring the size of the minidisc label area and then creating a printing template within my HP software that came with my printer. All I have to do is tell the program what images I want it to print and it'll line them up. It gives relatively accurate previews of the image and it allows you to adjust them before printing. It's pretty cool stuff. I don't know if this helps at all: http://forums.minidisc.org/viewtopic.php?t...der=asc&start=0 Good luck!
  5. bertrik, I didn't know anyone was actively working on that stuff yet. It's good to see that someone is out there working on that stuff...I'm working on learning some programming so I can get in on the efforts.
  6. Hey renato, are you using m3u2sb? It's the only way to get track titles via Dino's Method with typing them up yourself. Once you get to the simple burner app, remove your md unit and then plug it back in. That fixes it for me.
  7. Even then, no software is required, you just plug it in and it installs drivers automatically. All the Xitel plug does is make an optical output from any computer with a usb slot.
  8. I got bad news for ya...it actually won't be all that much faster if you get a new computer. If you want to know how fast it will be, watch your minidisc unit the next time you make an MD via simple burner. Note that the unit pauses between songs. If you get a faster computer, all the pauses between songs (between TOC edits between songs, actually) will be roughly 5 seconds instead of however long they are now. Either way, it won't make a dramatic difference because the NetMD unit spends sooooo much time doing all the TOC edits. TOC edit, send song, data save, TOC edit, pause, repeat cycle for next song. It's really ridiculous, I don't know why Sony didn't just kick out all the TOC edits until the end of the recording, or at least not make it do two edits per track.
  9. A Sony MZ-R700 has no computer downloading abilities at all, and thus has no software. The only way to make recordings with an R700 is either via a mic, a line-out, or an optical-out.
  10. Why are you on MD boards if you don't even own an MD unit? Afraid? I think not. I'll set up those files for you. Gimmie a week, I'm moving into college this weekend (1st year) and so I'm crazy busy. Private message me about it in about a week and we can figure out how to I can get the audio to you.
  11. I had some trouble with this too. http://forums.minidisc.org/viewtopic.php?t=637 My stereo CD burner unit automatically makes CD's that are loaded with SCMS, making it impossible to make digital copies of the discs to minidisc. I fixed the problem by using Nero to make new copies of the disc that aren't locked by SCMS from digital copying, but that sucks because I had to reburn a bunch of discs.
  12. Right, but if you have two tracks on a CD that run into each other continuously, then you end up with this two second gap in the music and that sucks. Does anyone know a way to insert trackmarks without making huge gaps in the audio? By the way, my old DG2 does indeed insert trackmarks between mp3's and my new MD-Port I/O doesn't. I wonder why Xitel removed that function and if there is a way to turn it on or off?
  13. Did you buy it? It's reeeeeeally expensive considering it's only software. That's almost half of what Nero 6 ran me, and Nero 6 came with like ten different programs. Is the demo version suitable?
  14. I bought an MD-Port I/O...but it isn't making automatic trackmarks like my old PC link did (it was the digital PC link that came with my R700...called a DG2, I think.) Dammit, this is a royal pain. A possible solution to the problem would be to make a program that rather than putting a 2 second break inbetween the song, it puts a very short "no signal" out so the md (that is set to sync rec) thinks it is stopping one recording and starting a new one. Does a program like this already exist?
  15. Digital audio means that the music data is stored as exactly that...data. Lots of 0's and 1's. When you transfer that data, the 0's and 1's should remain exactly the same, meaning there should be no change at all whatsoever to the audio quality.
  16. Yes, delete the nrg files when you're done with them.
  17. I couldn't help myself...I went out and bought some label sheets. I made the template in my HP printing software. It works pretty well, you just plug the images in and tell it to use the template. It gives you print previews too so you can make adjustments to how the image will print on the label. I'll be posting a pic of my labels when I get ahold of a digital camera. They aren't nearly as impressive as Kurisu's (mostly because my discs are ugly to begin with,) but what the hell, it's better than writing the title on the disc.
  18. Those have "swimmer's ear" written all over them. They'd kill your ears if you actually wanted to put your head a few meters underwater because of the pressure change. Good for lapswimming, perhaps.
  19. ooooooooooo that's cool. It'd be better though if there were any waterproof headphones...
  20. Does anyone have a template for the right size for an MD label? I guess I could just create one myself...
  21. I didn't know there were wireless remotes and headphone outputs...isn't there significant signal degradation?
  22. The Xitel optical outputs that I have worked with made trackmarks for mp3 and other audio files when I played them back...I was wondering why it doesn't do the same thing with wav and cda files.
  23. Printer paper and glue?!!!!!!!!! Dude, you'd be better off just writing directly on the discs with a sharpie. I actually do that, I just number the discs and remember which discs have what on them. I suppose that wouldn't work if you have like 50 MD's though...
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