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  1. I held back from asking this question when Sony's li-ion Dell batteries were recalled for blowing up... Now Sony's recalling the Mac Powerbook li-ion batteries. I have had NO issues at all with my MD li-ion batteries, on my DH10P or NH1 or now RH1. I repeat: I've had NO TROUBLE with these batteries, in heavy use, for the last couple of years. But since Sony seems to be having issues with oddball li-ion batteries, I thought I'd ask this forum: any trouble? Overheating, or worse?
  2. I'm running out of disk space, fast, on my 100 gig laptop. In fact, this has happened to me a couple of times -- I have different Sonic Stage libraries on different computers. My total now is probably closing in on 200 gigs. I'm going to have to do something soon with my main laptop...there's no room for ANYTHING, I've already got it on bare bones. So I was wondering if anyone is storing and accessing Sonic Stage and their library from an external hard drive. Right now, I'm using an external HD for backups of my libraries. I understand that you can't combine libraries (what a pain), but what I'd like to do is take the current library and run it from an external HD of about 500 gb....which leaves a lot of room for growth. Are any of you doing this? Are there glitches or prohibitions that prevent you from doing this? I tried this many versions ago, and for some reason, it wouldn't work... Just checking for tips before I get on this...
  3. Got mine today. Apparently Sound Professionals did a better job than I thought. The order page showed the date July 5, which I thought was their ship date....nope, it was the arrival date. So my apologies to SP for gripes in previous posts. I got it quick enough.... ...it's cool, can't wait to dig in with it later on.
  4. I ordered in May too...and my credit card was charged then. By sll spprearances, they had the units last weekend. So it really doesn't seem to be asking too much for them to have put them in the mail sometime last week.... Still pissed...
  5. I'm in the same boat as Faulkner. I pre-ordered, tried to pin them down on a ship date, got an email saying they'd go out on Wed or Thur, and have received no email indication that the order has been shipped. I'm a little pissed off, as it's clear that if they haven't sent it, I ain't getting it for at least another week or more...don't know if I'll be preordering from them again...
  6. Okay, it's June already...when is Sound Professionals going to ship out the RH1s?
  7. I bought the G2G "audio backpack" from Overstock.com....a backpack with a powered amp, a pocket for a portable device, and speakers built into the straps. Water resistant! For only $20! Marked down from $100! Just got it. I hope no one paid a nickel over $20 for it, ever. The speakers are awful. Unlistenable. I wouldn't give them to a kid. They distort at the lowest settings. Maybe -- maybe -- if you don't give a shit, you could listen to AM talk radio on them. But I was kind of interested in this, it fits one big use I have for portables: use on the beach. I rig portable speakers from a beach tent by hanging them from the top (now one of the Sony plug ins). It's dicey in the wind, I always worry about the speakers or the player (usually a Sony G750) taking a spill in the sand. Decent speakers and an amp built into a backpack would be perfect. So I'm thinking of trying to make lemonade from lemons here. The backpack design is decent, if scattered (the amp is on the top, run by 4 aa batteries -- the plug in for the audio device is on a side pocket -- the wires run to the straps). The big weakness appears to be, first, the speakers. They're ultra cheap, square, thin two inch speakers that velcro into the strap. Because the design allows you to adjust the speaker placement -- you can unzip zippers all along the straps and move the speakers along lengthy velcro straps -- it seems to me that you can replace the speakers with decent speakers -- maybe even two on each side -- by replacing them and reconnecting the leads. Any suggestions for good, thin 2" speakers that could be bought for this purpose?
  8. So where is the best place to order this in the US for fast delivery? I'd love to get one in the next couple of weeks, if they're going to be released in Japan then...
  9. I emailed the seller of the unit, and he's offered a refund if I send it back to him. One question for those of you with the units. Are you happy with the charging on it, even if the indicator lights don't work? I don't really care about the lights if it will charge. (I'm now draining dry a couple of gumsticks so I can test the charger with an overnight charge.) If my test shows it doesn't charge, back it goes, but if it does charge, I'm considering keeping it. Opinions? Would I be better off no matter what by just sending this back and getting a BH 7HT?
  10. I just got a BC-7dc2 from Ebay.Popped two batteries in and put it in the wall....no indicator light. Does this mean it won't work at all? I can live without the light working if the charging is okay, but....ehh. I'll drain a couple of batteries and put them in totally empty to see what happens.
  11. I didn't participate in any of the screen protection discussions, but yes, if you have PDA screens, that'll work. Although I found something that is cheaper. My wife bought something called "Hurricane tape", which is wide cellophane with a very light adhesive, meant to go across your windows to hold them together during a hurricane. I don't even know if they sell this stuff anymore, because it really is fraud. Taping your windows during a hurricane is of questionable value anyway (you need real protection like plywood or metal coverings), but taping with a virtually non-adhesive tape is hilariously useless. I almost threw out the tape instantly when I realized it pretty much gave me a lifetime supply of screen protection. I use it for MDs (including DH10), digital cameras, stuff like that. Again, this tape is so worthless for its labelled purpose that it may have been pulled off the market long ago....but check a hardware store. I was also thrown by the extreme ease with which the RH10 scratches. I've only used it while in one of those lined leather cases from Minidisco. If THAT scratches the screen...I give up.
  12. Any ideas on decent headphones for the bath, the pool, stuff like that? I'd like to be able to listen to MDs in the bath -- carefully, of course, with the unit and discs -- but it's probably unavoidable to get some water on the headphones. I don't want to use crap phones like the ones that come with units, though that may be my last resort unless I get some better ideas. Don't like "sports phones" (those things that go in your ears like a stethoscope). Any better suggestions?
  13. Went to a different laptop...which is almost but apparently not quite identically configured. It went through with no problem. So if anyone else runs into the same problem, try a new computer or different internet connection.... Two NH1s, a 900 and an 800....come to Poppa...
  14. I've tried everything....cookies allowed etc....I regularly buy from other sites and I'm at a loss as to why I can't complete this transaction. Is this a problem for other US customers?
  15. This is driving me crazy....anyone else having this problem? I'm ten feet from the goal line and I can't check out. I tried with Firefox and Explorer, also with my Norton Internet Security off....I can't break the barrier at the end of the shopping cart (when I hit "checkout" I get a message that I was denied access). Sefu, help me out! I want to give you money!
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