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  1. Hi everyone! Here's a couple of playlists I've put together in the last year or two. Enjoy!


    Electronic/Trading/Work Mix (work in progress): 



    80s Power Mix: 


    The Real 60s: 



    90's Ultra Mix: 




    Incubus @ Music Midtown Atlanta 2002: 



    Kendrick Lamar Tour at the LA Forum 2018:


    Love No More: 



    Tool Fear Inoculum Tour Los Angeles: 



    The Thrill:



  2. 19 hours ago, Richard said:

    Nice to see the old logo back too.. I remember when you designed that.. 😉

    Yes, old friend. That feels like many lifetimes ago now, in a galaxy far, far away. I miss those days. I appreciate everything you have done along the way!


  3. Posted in CorporateMedia

    After a dynamite debut of new products at CES 2014 and the revelation that a veteran of Sony Electronics USA now leads the charge, a refreshed, leaner, meaner ‘little engine that could’ Japanese electronics company no longer wants to make believe. From the ad: “An artist can challenge an engineer with the impossible. An engineer can make the impossible possible. We measure our success with the flutter of a heart or a bead of cold sweat. After all, it’s not about what we make; it’s about what we make you feel.”

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  4. Hi everyone, I apologize sincerely for the extended downtime. We did indeed move to a new host, and as usual, complexities arose. However, things are crystal clear and will remain that way for a long time. I won't let anything happen to this forum until I die. :) Great to see some familiar faces still hanging around. I do this for you. :)

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