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  1. Interesting. Does this happen in any other programs you run? k
  2. Whoa buddy, slow down a second. Reinstall the program, hook up your Minidisc player, and delete the tracks from the program.
  3. Well, I was surprised this morning to find new and higher resolution pictures of the 510. Low and behold, look what I found: I sure wish Sony would make up their mind. So edgeman, I think the 510 would be a better investment. *shrug* k
  4. Furthermore, if you look at the pictures of the 510, you can clearly notice: I've read about the DSP Type S stuff, but it says Type R on the model and Type S on the website. k
  5. I took his location into consideration when I made the reply, but the only thing I saw in terms of monetary identification was a "$". Then in your response, you say "$199.99 Canadian". I don't know how I could've known for sure if you were paying in American or Canadian. And about the intoxication thing - I wasn't being insulting, it was merely a joke. Chill out. =P k
  6. $199.99 American for a 505? Were you intoxicated when you paid that much? Both have ATRAC Type R, and basically the same features. I just looked at the sonystyle.ca website though, and it said it had ATRAC Type S. I think that was a typo. I believe the 510 would be better, because it has better battery life, and a bunch of other stuff. If you have the fifty to spare, why don't you let me find you a better deal so you can get a better model? k
  7. rofl That cracked me up. I bet you'd talk about compression rates..or pounding him in the face. k
  8. Yes. The first-generation MDLP recorder, the MZ-R900, features ATRAC IC: CXD2671-201GA (same as MZ-R700). This was the first version of ATRAC made for MDLP, I believe. The newer models such as the MZ-R909 featured ATRAC Type R, and eventually ATRAC progressed to Type S (introduced with Sony MDS-JB980). The difference? The ATRAC featured in first-generation MDLP recorders are not as good as the newer (Type S). The difference isn't very noticeable, but it's there. k
  9. Christopher


    That's bullshit. Paypal is one of the most reliable money transfer sites on the internet. =P k
  10. I've got a blue Denon ARS-20MD MiniDisc Racks: And one of those tan/black Case Logic 24 md case. It rocks. k
  11. I have expierence with etronics.com. They are legit. I got a MZ-R700DPC last Christmas and had no problems at all. They have really good prices, too. k
  12. Bah, that was me, I had forgotten to log in. Yeah. k
  13. Christopher


    I purchased a MZ-R700DPC from them last Christmas, and I had prompt shipping and no bullshit. They're the real deal, and the prices are great, too. k
  14. I would wait till Sony releases the next 7## model with fm/am support. I'm sure that one will be netmd. k
  15. I'm going to agree with Mystyler. Using force on minidisc players when things go bad sometimes works, but most of the time I've heard nothing but bad stories such as this. Good luck on fixing it, but it's not impossible to do so. I would buy a new unit. Decent NetMD and MDLP players are cheaper than ever. k
  16. I have OpenMG on cd if you want me to get the driver for you. I have alot of web space and it's on a pretty fast server. If you just give me a shout I can do it for you asap. I'm going to go see 'Two Towers' in a hour or so, so don't expect a response till later tonight. k
  17. Christopher

    Need advice

    I'm going to answer some of the questions Me did not answer. About OSX, there is a program called Xmd 0.1, and that's as far as my NetMD OSX knowledge goes. The program is still in the works, and doesn't have the functionality of the Windows methods. There might be programs out now, though, and if someone else reading this could help me out on that, please help this guest out. About ebay - I've gotten great deals off eBay, but nobody can assure you that you'll find a legitimate deal there, though. It's a risk, but it seems like 95% of the time you'll get a straightforward transaction. About retail - If you want to buy a Sony MZ-N707, I suggest that you go to http://www.etronics.com, because that's probably the best retail price you'll find. I'm not too sure about the Sharp, but I can look for a cheap price for you if you want. Hope this could help. k
  18. If I'm not mistaken, the 707 has seperate bass/treble controls. k
  19. phew. It was last Christmas, so it's hard for me to remember. I do remember that shipping was as fast as they promised. I picked normal UPS ground, and it came in three or four days. Hope I could help. k
  20. Ugh, no. It is a great idea, but leave it to the t-station. I like how this forum specficially deals with problems and opinions of the general MD populace. k
  21. I saw this post and I knew that etronics.com would be either in the question or an eventual response. I can help you out, friend. A while back I purchased my 700DPC from them without any hassle whatsoever. They are absolutely legitimate. Don't forget about eBay, though. It's not entirely impossible to find an awesome deal. Good luck. k
  22. http://www.sel.sony.com/service/plsql/rma.inquiry is a start. When my 700DPC started to make terribly odd noises, I stayed on the phone with technical support for nearly a hour and a half being bounced around to various people. I think near the two hour mark they told me that they would repair my 700DPC for free (they probably got frustrated), and they did. The only thing I had to to was send it to them. I don't know if your player is still under warranty, but I do know that sometimes the repair charges are somewhat steep. If you're persistant, you might be able to get it fixed for free. I guess it's all dependant on who you end up talking to. Good luck, friend. k
  23. $189? Look again friend, this may help you save a few bucks. Etronics is a safe site too, because I got my 700dpc from them a while back with no hassle. blue/silver model: http://www.etronics.com/product.asp?stk_co...de=sonmzn707blu black/red model: http://www.etronics.com/product.asp?stk_co...de=sonmzn707blk Hope this could help. k
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