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  1. I do.

    The 1.00 betas have these extra features:

    * Better unicode / non-english character handling

    * Better AT3 file decoding / handling

    * Decoding of HI-MD mp3 data and mp3 files

    * MP3 LAME presets

    * Custom output filename definitions based on track title, album name, etc

    *File list filter

    * Encoding of WMA files

    The reason it's beta is because it had a fairly major re-write for all the above new features. Try beta 4 first. If it dosn't work then try 0.54 instead

  2. To set the recording levels, first use the "show capture" button. This will show the sound waveform of the input without actually storing the recorded sound data. You can use this to tweak the levels.

    Each of the recording waveforms (the left one of the left sound channel, the right one for the right sound channel) will have two blue lines. These represent the peak level for that sample. If these lines turn red and go to the top/bottom of the waveform display it means that the sound has been clipped (distorted / lost detail) , and the input sound level (volume) should be decreased

    Pick one of the louder sections of audio you will be recording and play it. I would ensure the recording level make the two blue lines go near the top/bottom of the waveform, but not actually at the top/bottom.

    Examples attached.

    The first image is where the blue lines should be for the correct recording levels

    The second image is where the recording levels are too loud, and should be reduced

    The third image is where the recording levels are too quiet, and should be increased.

    Hope this helps.





  3. Just a quick thing:

    I..errr.. borrowed some of the decryption code from this great linux project and stuck it into a beta 5 (not yet released) version of HIMDRenderer.

    Now this HIMDReneder can take a PCM, HI-SP or HI-LP recorded track (i.e: a track that was not transferred *from* a computer), extract it, decrypt it and convert it.

    The PCM tracks work just as they do in the linux project - (although I need to swap the byte-order, since my output converted requires Windows compatible PCM data). I extract, decrypt and convert the PCM all within my program

    Once I did this it was a matter of using this on non-PCM tracks (recorded tracks that are HI-SP or HI-LP). All I do is construct an OMA header without any key data (I just use my own generic OMA header construction code). Decrypt and save the atrac data - exactly as the PCM is decrypted above. The decrypted Atrac data with the OMA header will play in Sonicstage. If it plays in Sonicstage then my program can convert it too. And it works.

    So this means no Sonicstage needed for uploading tracks to the PC. However, you still need to install it as my program depends on the dlls and stuff that is installed with Sonicstage to decode the atrac data

    I hope to release beta 5 for general testing - on condition:

    1) I get permission from the people who made this linux project - I've used their code to decrypt the Atrac / PCM data (I already had mp3 done myself)

    2) People still want my program - it has been a long time since the last update (I've been quite busy)

  4. Hello. I'm new to HiMDRenderer and unfortunately I don't understand what do you mean... Can you help me and clear up what are these restrictions?

    Is it possible to extract from tracks (.hma files), which were recorded by the MD and then copied to the harddisk?

    The HMA files contain encypted ATRAC or MP3 audio data. If the audio data originated from the PC (i.e: you ripped the track using SonicStage) then a play back key is also written to the HMA file. This allows HIMDRenderer to re-construct a working OMA file that SonicStage will play and HIMDRenderer can then convert this as normal.

    With tracks recorded by a HIMD unit, this play back key is not written. I can still extract the tracks audio data from the HMA file, but IT WILL NOT BE PLAYABLE (sorry to shout). This is because I do not know what play back key to write to the re-constructed OMA file, and so SonicStage will not know how to play the file back and conversion will not work in HIMDRenderer. And I have not worked out how to decrypt the data myself.

    At the moment - only SonicStage can import recorded tracks. It does this by re-encrypting the data from the HIMD using a different set of keys from what the HIMD unit used.

  5. Unfortunatly, the content of the disc is encrypted. The only thing that can decode it is Sonicstage

    It sounds like the track information is somehow corrupted and is preventing conversion somehow. Is the OMA file on the computer the correct size (256/kbits a second is 32 kbytes a second. Multiply that by the length of the track and you should get what size the OMA *should* be).

    Also, is the copy protection turned off for the track? If not then you can tell SonicStage to convert it to an ATRAC3 file of the same bitrate without copy protection, and see if that file can be converted to .wav.

  6. Some guy has supposedly already reverse engineered the Atrac3plus codec


    True. I chatted to him online. He is still at university or college, so he dosnt want to risk his future career by giving away Sony secrets. He wouldn't tell me how to decrypt OMA/OMG files although he claims to of done this himself. A few things he hinted at:

    * The encryption is DES based (3DES or some other DES, I do not know)

    * Sony put in a lot of effort to keep hackers / reverse engineers away. Such tactics include self-generation of code upon executing, false code and disabling any running debuggers.

    I am not an encryption guru myself though I have done my share of reverse engineering over the years. Unfortunatly I am busy on other projects and am less inclinded to contribute on this project since I heavally work with computers in my job and need a break in the evenings/weekends :)

    However, I can still offer any advise if needed

    Good luck with the project :)

  7. TRAC is abandonware. Sony has given up on it. Perhaps the person who reverse engineered it could communicate directly with Marcnet, who could quietly incorporate direct decryption in Renderer.

    We did chat on IRC.. and he wasn't prepared to release his hard work at the moment. Not even to me. I did try :) He wasn't even prepared to release a winamp plugin or DLL to me for integration into HIMDRenderer.

    I already knew the anti-hacking stuff Sony stuck into Sonicstage was difficult - but this guy managed to get round it, and by the sounds of it, the anti-hacking stuff was waaaay over the top - more than I first imagined.

    He did tell me that the algorithm uses a form of DES, and the decryption key can be somehow derived from just the OMA file itself. SHA-1 is also used in the key generation process. I don't know if that's enough to go on myself (I really don't know that much about encryption) , or whether to wait for this person to publish his results.

  8. Sorry guys. The guy didnt release that much information on how the encryption works with OMA files, and he won't release anything soon. I don't blame him - not wanting Sony suing him for millions. It's a good reason to keep quiet :)

    So it will probably be a long time before OMA decryption will be a feature in HIMDRenderer.

  9. You are not using the newest version.. The newest version is 1.00 beta 4

    And the problem you're having is probably due to the bug in previous versions not handling mp3 tracks within oma file properlly.. In 0.54 and prior versions these types of tracks produced small files containing static. Just like you described. This was fixed in 1.00 beta 1 ... I recommend you try the LATEST 1.00 beta 4

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  10. The bitrate setting has the most influence on quality.

    There is a VBR,CBR,ABR setting. If you don't care about file size then set this option to CBR and set the bitrate to 320kbps

    There is also a speed/quality option (can't remeber what it's called) that goes from 0 to 9. 0 will take forever to encode a track but is the best quality. 2 is the standard setting, is a lot faster than 0 and does not lose that much quality-wise (very little, in fact)

  11. What version are you using?

    There isn't a setting to fix this, unfortunatly.

    The sound card and NetMD device are two seperate things that HIMDRenderer tries to syncronise. There is a bug in 0.54 that doesn't get the timing quite right - so you get this overlap.

    I (hopefully) fixed this in 1.00 beta series (beta 4 is the latest)

  12. Marc, a couple of points for Beta 3:

    - This might be me being stupid, but I can't group files in to Album folders, like in 0.54 etc where there's a specific option for this. Can this function be added, please. I've tried the various filename options but can't get the separate folders - they just all go into the root of the stated 'save' folder.

    - Could ID3 version 2 (preferably 2.3) be added for MP3 tagging please? My classical track IDs are all being truncated to the 30 or so characters of v1.

    Thanks and best regards.

    I removed the album grouping option because it is no longer needed. If you use the new filename options, you can specify how you want tracks to be titled and what folders to put them in:

    For example, here is what I do

    1) Specify the "default save folder". I use c:\audio\wav\xx (don't ask me why...)

    2) The first filename option I select "Album"

    3) The second option I specify "\ (folder delimiter)"

    4) The third option I specify "Artist"

    5) The next option I speicify "-" (the dash option) and put 4 as the amount

    6) The next option I specify "Title"

    I have lots of tracks. So here is a few examples of what files are generated (if I render to WAV):

    Artist: Tool

    Album: 10,000 days

    Track : The pot

    Output filename: c:\audio\wav\xx\10_000 days\Tool----The pot.wav

    Artist: Violent work of art

    Album: Automated Species

    Track : Scars

    Output filename: c:\audio\wav\xx\Automated Species\Violent work of art----Scars.wav

    Artist: Cult Of Luna

    Album: The Beyond

    Track : Further

    Output filename: c:\audio\wav\xx\The Beyond\Cult Of Luna----Further.wav

    And yes, folders are created automatically if they do not exist :)

    Have a play to see what suits you. The filename options are saved and loaded when you close / run HIMDRenderer

    (I should really start writing some documentation......)

    As for ID3 V2, I need to investiagte this and I don't have that much time at the moment. I had last weekend free, so I fixed up beta 2 and released beta 3 :)

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