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  1. "Digital Speed Control" can only be accessed using the remote, during playback. You press the Display button on the remote for about 2 seconds, to access the Options menu. There are, I think, only two options while in play mode: Title and SpeedCtrl. Using the Jog lever sideways, you can toggle between these two. When SpeedCtrl appears, you press the Jog lever in to choose Speed Ctrl, then use the lever right or left to select a percentage change of speed (from -50% to +100%), pressing in to make the final choice. I find the lower speeds (-30% and lower) to be unpleasantly distorted. The higher speeds are useful for listening to simple speech. For sure, the manual (on p. 53) is very lacking of details.

  2. I am an avid reader of the MDCF forum and MD/Hi-MD user, but seldom post myself. Just today for the first time, I select a thread to read and the first post of the thread appears as usual, but then after it, instead of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. replies, there appears a hierarchy of links representing those replies. Previously, it was quick and easy to read an entire thread then get back to the list of threads. Now I find it somewhat more difficult. Just me?

  3. What is the device shown in in your photos? Can you provide a link with more info? Many battery accessories providing USB power for the RH1 have been discussed on this board. Is this one better?


    In the cell phone dept .I found this . it will not charge from dead battery state , but from 20% or so left on the MD it will kik the charger.

  4. Bob,

    I had difficulty putting your coordinates into GoogleEarth. I found that GE wants the latitude and longtitude entered in this form:

    37 25'19.07"N, 122 05'06.24"W, in other words,

    degrees, minutes, seconds N/S/E/W

    (a space after degrees, single quote after minutes, double quotes after seconds, <no space>capitalized direction abbreviation)

    After doing it this way, I was able to find your home on Little Cayman Island. (You seem to live under a cloud, tho.) Having figured all this out, I then edited my own profile to put in my coordinates, although I'm not sure I got them to appear as yours do, each coordinate on a separate line. I live in a heavily wooded area of the low Berkeley hills. In the fall, we live in constant dread of warm, dry Santa Ana winds setting our town on fire.

    Rod Freeland

  5. Dear MDFreak, Any progress to report on this project? Having just gotten an MZ-RH1, I would be very happy to acquire the item you've been describing in this thread. I'm not enough of a hardware guy to make one myself, but would pay genuine bucks for one if some enterprising person were to make one for me. It's really too bad that Sony didn't provide an add-on battery box for the RH1 for those recording situations where you need to record past the capacity of the Lion battery and you can't plug in your AC power adaptor to tide you over. RF

  6. (Hope this is the right forum!) I am planning on taking my MZ-RH10 & several blank 1GB discs with me while vacationing in Europe (without a laptop), hoping that I can frequently drop by an Internet cafe to transfer my camera's images first to an Windows XP PC, then hook up my RH10 to the same PC, and copy the image data to my Hi-MD disc. I know it might be slow and cumbersome, but my question is, will the XP computer see the RH10 as an external drive without any specific Hi-MD drivers or other software (i.e. SonicStage) installed on it? Thanks for any advice.

  7. I'm on the verge of buying an MZ-RH10 and wondering if the firmware upgrade will already be installed on units now in retailers' inventory? Probably not, in which case I'll get the new unit and have to send it off sometime thereafter for two weeks or so to get the benefit. Would appreciate a report from anyone just buying one.

  8. Thanks, Skradgee, for starting this thread. I've been following it but only just now get around to adding my 2 cents: in 3rd gen units, I would like to see an option of voiced menus for vision impaired users. With this option enabled, the blind user would hear (by way of a sythesized voice) what the sighted users sees as he/she navigates the menus on the main unit or the remote. This feature would benefit sighted users also, allowing them to make full use of their units in total darkness.

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