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  1. At least 50% of electronic second hand market here in Tao street is 100V, coming from Japan. I don't know exactly how they find all that stuff but pretty sure it arrive by huge quantity.

    bobt do you want me to check something for you, I don't understand clearly your post.

    if you remember I bought a Sony 980 deck through you over a year ago and it arrived with a broken power supply,if your friend would have one it would be nice to have a working deck

  2. It won't accept my validation because it was hooked up to another computer before mine, so far it is working ok as I don't buy books, most of mine are public domain or do not have DRM

  3. Had it a while now, love it, Reader is crap, still can't figure out how to import, so far have been dragging books onto the card, seems to work ok, have had to use calibre on a couple of books, only thing it doesn't like is the combination of direct sun and head when I was trying to read by the pool in Varadero

  4. From what I gather it's coming with a book like cover, not sure if wife got any memory, have a few 1 gig cards around, too bad it doesn't take minidisc, got lots of those! Can I transfer onto card and have Sony read it, or does it have to go through sonyfication first

  5. Should have my hands on this beauty in September when my wife gets back, was wondering if anyone had any experiences or heads up on this unit. I have tons of stuff on the puter, mostly .dc and PDF, has anyone had issues?



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