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    iTunes 9

    TC, Don't know if you ever tried mediamonkey or winamp, they both seemed to work with my ipod, may be worth a try, I seem to remeber Rhapsody working as well, anything has to be better than itunes, when they don't let me browse to see what music they have, I'm in no way interested. Take care Bob
  2. Listening to Amanda Lear - Paris by Night - The greatest hits, what good stuff, she'll be 70 this year, still performing and making musuc, and looking great, finally got my MD deck in my Kia Van, will be listening to it in the van and on the B10 at work tonight, should go well with a 12 cylinder diesel in the background!
  3. I can vouch for TC and hardoff, incredible stuff of all sorts, and very good bargains Bob
  4. The ribbon is the inside connector in the machine that connects the circuitry to the record/overwrite head, the very thin wires break over time causing the unit to misbehave. It can be repaired, but sometimes could cost more than the unit is worth, nice machine, still have mine, but don't trust discs to it any more, I still recommend an NH 700 or 800, and when you can, an RH1, Have fun, Bob
  5. Hi Patti Hope the 707 treats you well, but a couple of caveats. You will not be able to digitally upload unless you get an RH1, the 910 won't work on the 707's recordings, as well, the 707 is very old, watch for sighns of the record ribbon deteriorating, if it does, you will lose recordings. Other than that, have fun, and keep on buying, this is a good addiction Bob
  6. Just watched a videotape (anyone remember those) called Smoke Signals, a great Native American tape from about ten years ago, highly recommended Bob
  7. cool, would have to spend some time on that puppy, Bob
  8. You have taken the first step, just continue on your path, remember, choose wisely! That being said, when you get your RH1, you will be amazed, it is a beauty, rarely use my IPOD, too much hassle to find and listen to music, easier to take a few discs and listen to what you want. Welcome back Bob
  9. Hi Chris, Good move, will save a lot of bouncing around Bob
  10. The other simpler oprion is an RH1 or M200, they will let you digitally upload with a lot less hassle Bob
  11. Unfortunately Black Adder was never shown in these parts, so I have to take your word on that, will have to try getting some DVD's seems i saw saw segments and it was good. Bob
  12. Happy Birthday KanakoAndtheNumbskulls, still making music? Bob
  13. Had a bit of fun with Johnny English, Rowan Atkinson at his best in a James Bond spoof, good one Bob
  14. Hi There, You have to go from MD output to sound card input Bob
  15. bobt

    Minidisc and Mac

    PM guitarfixr, he has a mac Bob
  16. You have 707 that is starting to lose it's record head. Do not use it any more, it will start randomly erasing you discs. Get yourself an NH-700, you deserve it Bob
  17. Listening to the first three Julie Driscoll and Brian auger and the Trinity on my B10, good old Jazz/Blues brings back memories Bob
  18. Happy Birthday gregtherotter, hope you still check us once in a while Bob
  19. Good Bye Les Paul Music as we know it today wouldn't quite be the same without your guitar work, play on bro Bob
  20. "LOL--I just realized you said Satellite, not Shortwave <- space cadet" Satellites are in space, welcome to the club, Live long and prosper,as it were Bob
  21. Listening to Just Blue by a group called Space, loved it on LP, love the download, they were a precurser to KLF/Lams etc, can sure feel the influence, song Symphony is just plain beautiful Bob
  22. bobt

    Hi-MD blanks

    As far as I know minidisc Canada still has Hi-MD's as well, and they are good to deal with. And don't forget you can format 74 and 80 minute discs to get extra capacity Bob
  23. I had an Ortopfon MC cartige that sounded sweet, but any dynamic would shoot it out the record, even at the limits of tracking force, did it with a very high end Kenwood turntable, and with a Revox, cure was a Shure V-15 type 5, sound just as clear, and a whole lot less hassles. Bob
  24. I found that the real benefit of lots of power was that it would exploit the dynamic range at low volumes without straining, case in point the Telarc LP of Lorin Maazels 1812, when the cannons fire, you really feel it, but you need a good cartridge, I've seen the tone arm come out of the groove with a cartridge that wasn't compliant enough. Nice set up Bob
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