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  1. thanks bland, after hanging around for a while with the e10 or the eh1 its hard to think of a player of that dimension, but what the heck, the white eh50 is nice looking
  2. new pair of earphones [attachmentid=2048]
  3. But it isnt as thin as a player only should be, right? How much did it cost?
  4. Thanks, after some long reflection, I think that I will take the FM modulator route for the moment just to save some money for the rear spoiler. If the sound quality becomes too bad to be bearable then I will put the xplod HU where lighter is. I dont want to put the kit because the cumputer display would be wasted. btw the car model is 2007
  5. Im about to change my car, the target will be a Mazda 3. Unfortunately the factory audio system doesnt have a mp3 cd player nor a aux input. I dont want to install my xplod head unit into the console because it would damage the aesthetics. Searching the web I found some solutions to connect a external player with an interface device, expensive most of them. But after some time, I found a cheap alternative: wired FM Modulator. So, does anyone know how good the sound quality is through this interface? there's a better alternative to put aux input to a head unit without them?
  6. Nice pictures, but a player only with AA battery and plastic body, is that special or something?
  7. hah, the trusty NH900, what a charm!
  8. I would like to see a car deck, but I think that Sony's car audio division arent aware of the existence of HiMD
  9. Im not quite sure, but this could work: [attachmentid=2042] [attachmentid=2043] [attachmentid=2044] source mazda3forums
  10. Really nice player... Kenwood is one of those brands that makes the music feel good
  11. So now you dont mind to use the remote. Cool
  12. I was checking out Amazon tonight and there's good offers of minidic stuffs: -Sony MZ-DH10P Hi-MD Walkman Digital Music Player with 1.2 MP Digital Camera @ us$191 (refurbished) -Sony MZ-NHF800 Hi-MD Minidisc Walkman Portable Music Player -Sharp MDMS722 Portable Minidisc Player/Recorder -Sony MZ-N510CK NetMD Walkman/Recorder with Car Kit -Sony MDSJE320 MiniDisc Recorder at US$25 -Sony MZ-NH900 Hi-MD MiniDisc Walkman -Sony MZ-E10 MD Walkman @ us$149 -SONY Hi-MD 1GB Media MiniDisc (single) @ us$4.49 -TDK Recordable Minidisc (5-Pack) -Fuji 3 Pack 74 Minute MiniDiscs by Fuji -"Jvc Md-74Dg / Crystal Gold Recordable Mini Disc (74 Min, Single)" by JVC etc. I had never seen this much in Amazon before
  13. They already did it ... for 4th gen Im still hoping for a miracle, Sony relaeses the HiMD patent and someone makes a car unit. My car cd player scratches every cd I put it on
  14. I didnt mean there is something wrong with the new users; on the contrary, the problem is the lack of them
  15. I started to hear about atrac lossless since the entry of the nw-a3000, so I thought it can do it
  16. for some reason I was thought that the Sony NW-A series could play back that format
  17. Yeah, but it looks like they are few the new minidisc users
  18. By any chance do you know what Sony players actually can play back Atrac lossless?
  19. way too expensive media for family photos backup
  20. Well, I have done both: I used the Total Recorder software to record the tapes on the computer's hard drive with no compression, afterwards I edited the WAV file with the CoolEdit program to reduce the noise and split the tracks. With the minidisc worked the same way, after the recording at PCM format I uploaded to the computer and I edited with Cooledit. I didnt hear any notoriuos difference between both method considering that the original tape recording were not good at all. Any minijack to minijack headphone cable can do the job. If you transfer the mp3 file with no convertion you wont lose the mp3 original quality, but if you convert the mp3 or the wav files to Atrac you will lose some quality according to the Atrac bitrate you choose. The loss is hard to hear at high birates, although this affirmation is very subjective...
  21. A car HiMD unit would be a must, although I just read the Xplod website and there's no sign of minidisc word at all Also I would like to know what the japanese forums have to say about the features they are looking for.
  22. If you're ripping an audio CD or PCM file then there wont be any audible difference, but if you're going to convert a mp3 file to Atrac, I think it would be better to use high bit rates.
  23. Good idea I'll look forward to it, too bad there are too many spammers.
  24. -My hard drive died two days ago along with all my info, so I bought a Seagate 100G (5400RPM) for my Compaq Presario. -Twenty 74min Sony gold minidisc.
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