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  1. I can suggest only two things: 1. Send it to SOny to be repaired ($$$) 2. Open it up and see if you can identify anything clearly wrong and fix it Failing those, I think it's a new unit. I dropped my NH900 onto a hard floor but luckily it was 95% OK afterwards.
  2. You've tried the rest, now try the best. :-)
  3. OK, now you've had some experience with MD, you can see how great it is, by your own admission. Now consider that Sony are doing very little to preserve the format and you don't know for how long new equipment will be available. Are you moaning yet? Imagine that you've been using it for ten years (as some people here have), and have possibly thousands invested in it. Are you griping yet? I agree that there is a lot of moaning around MD forums, but there is reason for it. When you've been using something that's perfect for your needs and you can see how it could be even better, but the gigantic multinational corporation that created it can't see that, you're a bit unhappy about it. But welcome to MD, you've got yourself a great recorder/player.
  4. I've never heard of a problem like that with MD, my NHF800 has never given me any problems. Have you tried a disc recorded on another unit? Perhaps the discs are corrupted.
  5. Stop the charge. Even if the quote was only an estimate and not binding, they can't charge your credit card without your permission, which they didn't have.
  6. The NH700 can definately take the radio remote, it just doesn't come supplied with it. Why all units aren't supplied with this remote jack to make them all radio remote compatible is beyond me.
  7. I have had my entire Sonicstage library (MP3 and ATRAC) on DVD. It's complicated to manage, you have to insert the correct DVD before trying to transfer and it means you can't edit anything without re-burning at least that file but it is workable. Much better to have an external drive if possible, 2.5 inch ones go up to 120 gb now but they're more expensive than 3.5 inch ones.
  8. Can't you ship it back to Sony USA and get it repaired under warranty? That way you only have to pay for the shipping.
  9. Looks nice, but a strange one. The remote was the first thing that struck me but that was followed by the weird eject mechanism and it looks like it takes both a NiMH gumstick AND an AA internally. Not a battery configuration I've ever seen before.
  10. I can't understand people who listen at less than 10 when they're outside the house - how do you hear anything? I usually use various buds with 16 or 32 ohm impedance and when I'm at home the volume is between 8 & 14. Out and about in the city it needs to be between 18 & 22.
  11. Congrats on the new purchase. The battery situation could just be because the battery is new. Give another charge/discharge cycle and it may settle down. Having said that, my NH900 can go for ages (several hours) on the last battery bar and quite a while with the battery bar flashing. If I remember correctly, doomlordis, you're in Edinburgh. I'd be interested in where you got your DH10P and how much you paid for it...
  12. I imagine any remote with a screen will do the job. Doesn't the DH10P come with a remote? Try to find the service manual for the DH10P and that will tell you how to get into service mode. I thought the DH10P would have an equalizer without the need to hack though, it being a top-of-the-range model.
  13. Yes, this has been happening for a while on Amazon, the shipping increases the price dramatically which is quite an underhand tactic, I don't like it. In fact though, I've used the seller (Discount Discs) many times and they are always good. Just be sure to order directly through them rather than through Amazon. Sometimes their HiMD prices are as low as £3.99 but it depends on how many you order.
  14. Note that this method will not be gapless though, however, if the trackmarks were inserted because of (near) silence this may not matter. You can remove trackmarks on the disc itself as well as with SS. Just pause while playing then press "skip back". "Mark" will appear in the display and then you just press the track mark button and the track mark will be removed.
  15. I take it this is some Japanese band? They look scary...
  16. Wow, I can't believe the number of people that have viewed this page. Over 5000 at this time. For a fancy new unit, ok, understandable, but for blanks?? Even very pretty ones like these?
  17. Sorry, I really can't understand what's going on here. I suggest you get someone to translate a bit better.
  18. MDs were originally 60 and 74 minute so maybe some of the older stuff can't handle the 80s. I'm not sure when the 80s were introduced though. Perhaps this is why 74s are still available, I had wondered what their purpose is.
  19. Exactly. HDDs are not up to the job, no HDD is designed to really cope with portable use. (Hi)MD all the way, baby!
  20. I have to say, after reading through this thread, that the seller has been treated pretty roughly here and I'm disappointed. I'm glad he has managed to sell the unit. The seller simply stated that the main purpose of the unit was to upload legacy MDs, did you expect him not to listen to the unit at all during the time he owned it? Astranovus was at no time being dishonest and it's unfair to question his honesty and motives just because he offers a good price. I suggest that the buyer of this unit, assuming he is satisfied, start a thread in the appropriate section of the forum to say that he is satisfied with the unit and the seller.
  21. It depends on the MP3. An MP3 at 128kbps won' sound better at 352 that it does at 256. Or 192. Or probably 132 for that matter. You can't add info that's already been lost and using higher bitrates, especially for a second encoding, is always going to be a process of diminishing returns. Standard MP3 don't go over 320 (yes, I know it's possible with some programs) and I'd regard a 352kbps version of a 320kbps MP3 as a bit of a waste of space. Why use the max bitrate for something that's never going to be top-notch quality anyway?
  22. I wish people would stop writing totally unrealistic things for what they want in a next gen unit. It doesn't do the cause any good. There will be no HDD in portable units; in a deck, yes, I can see advantages there but not in a portable. It would double the price and size for no real advantage. THERE WILL BE NO DISCS WITH A CAPACITY GREATER THAN 1GB. EVER. It's not possible within the technology without either losing backwards compatibility or having two read/write heads. So here's my list of features that could (reasonably) be added: Timer recording Greater bitrate choice Better screen (less remote dependant) Drag & drop and/or better software Fade-in (and out) recording AA battery pack
  23. You're never going to get fantastic rsults from FM as the signal is not the best quality anyway so best to us LP2, I'm pretty certain you will hear no difference at all. FM is not compressed at all but it does suffer from interference from other radio sources. Go with LP2.
  24. This is down to the wavelength of the laser and the chemical construction of the layers on the disc. If it's possible to make them you can bet your pension it won't be possible to make them fully backwards compatible. So, the answer is NO. It's not possible, it will never happen.
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