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  1. I replaced the 10WM from my NH-900 wih a GP 14WM pretty much straight away and it gets much better life (about 10 or 11 hours instead of 8). But even before I charged and discharged the 10WM a few times it was never as bad Kmataruse said. Maybe you got a faulty unit? Maybe the built-in charger isn't working properly?
  2. Sounds like a good deal if it is what it says it is. It's comes down to whether or not you trust the seller
  3. Sounds to me like the carriage was slightly damaged from the start and you probably should have sent it straight back and got a new one. When something goes wrong it's best not to force a unit to do something it doesn't seem to want to.
  4. When I looked at Ask Direct a few days ago they had a better range of colours for the RH10, RH910 and DH710 than any other UK site. But now ir seems the choice for all three is black, black and more black
  5. With the release of the Sennheiser MX-550s I wouldn't consider the older MX-500s as the newer ones are better in every way
  6. I think this is a major fault with SB. That plus the inability to record SP (or even fake SP) to a standard disc mean that SB can do neither of the things I primarily want it to. The only thing you can do is to use Sonicstage and then delete the files afterwards.
  7. You can no longer get the NH900 and NH1 cheap on Amazon, they got too many orders and took them both off sale. £110 is a good price for the NH900, just not AS good but when things are being sold out it's all about timing. I already had an NH1 (got one the day they were available in the UK) but umped at the chance to get a cheap NH900 as a second unit. The NH900 is nice, it's good to have full display on the unit but definately not as nice as the NH1, especially regarding build quality. The NH1 battery is good and does last the full time quoted. I would choose it over the NH900 but the NH900 is good if you don't mind the larger unit.
  8. The NH1 is much slimmer, has no add-on battery pack, has a better remote, poorer main-unit screen, can record in traditional MD format, can't play MP3 natively, has High Definition digital amp (as opposed to regular digital amp), has poorer battery life (17 hours vs. 32 hours [aprox.]) and some functions are only available through the remote. The RH10 is also cheaper but NH1 prices may fall as it is replaced by the RH10 I would choose the NH1 unless you're doing extended recording without mains power
  9. I've had no problems with mine - sounds like a dodgy battery connection, happened to my N710
  10. It was possible to charge my N710 with two AAs and wires into the sockets where the charging electrodes would go. I never bothered but it was nice to know it was possible. When my new NH900 arrives I'll check cos the 8-10 hour battery life isn't so good. I imagine it's possible and I don't think it would harm the player (but it's not my player...) - just two AAs in series and wires into the sockets
  11. Hi-MD outsold iPods at Christmas? What's your source? I'm impressed. I wonder if it would've been the same story if iPod supply had met demand
  12. Volume hack for MZ-NH1 http://www.minidisct.com/forum/showthread....4118#post294118 I know Asia is not happy with NH1 volume, you could try this and you'll get more power from steps 25-30. Just to clarify the nature of the HiMD volume capping... Hacking the volume on HiMD models does not increase the volume across the volume range. All players have stepped volume settings 0 to 30 but with capped players the volume will not increase by stepping up the volume beyond a certain point (24 on the NH1, maybe different for other models) - so volume 24 is the same as volume 30 for example. Therefore volume setting 20 will not be any louder on a hacked unit than on an unhacked one, but volume setting 28 will. Non-European units are not capped in this way and so cannot be uncapped - the limiting factor here is the hardware (ie. the amplifier) which cannot be altered. Assuming all the volume steps are equal, hacking the Euro NH1 increases it's maximum volume by 25%, quite a considerable amount.
  13. ALL current minidisc players are volume-limited when compared to models released 3 or more years ago. I think that if the volume settings above 25 are ineffective on the 700 and this can be disabled then the same is possibly true on the NH1
  14. I have a UK MZ-NH1 and, while it's not technically Euro-crippled, the volume is not exceedingly high but good enough to get by. I've noticed that above volume 24 increasing the volume makes no difference at all and this is the first time I've read mention of this by someone else. How likely is it that the NH1 can have the volume increased or is this a hardware issue? I'm not sure I know enough about hacking to be confident enough to risk it myself
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