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  1. SonicStage is PC-based software that allows you to transfer music to a netMD/Hi-MD recorded in faster than real time. However your problem seems to be hardware related
  2. i must say the more I look at it, the more I love how it looks
  3. expended is different than expanded basically what this means is because the writing failed it won't take one of your transfer counts away from the media you were trying to wright. This only applies to the media that has a limite number of transfers allowed (like purchased connect.com music)
  4. or if they're connected to the same network you can just import the files into both computers. I have a laptop and a desktop computer (the desktop is on 24/7). All of my music files are stored on the desktop and are imported into the SonicStage libraries of both the desktop and laptop. In that way both computers share the same library
  5. I used to be a real player fan, but recently its becoming more and more like WinAmp (which I detest), in the way that it takes over your computer and messes up your current settings. Like it's a huge pain to have to install RP to get .ram files to work only to have to go back through and take time to resent all of your other media options.... just my beef
  6. if the unit can playback the type of audio on the disc (i.e. Atrac SP/MDLP) and it has optical out it should be possible to make a bit-perfect copy
  7. what 'size' mAh is your gumstick? You can now buy AA batteries with upwards of 2800mAh and the higher this number the stronger the charge on the battery
  8. nice, but i dont understand the paper to the left...
  9. this is basically using the HiMD disc as a temporary storage means is it not? And you cannot import files from the HiMD disc (in data mode) into SonicStage (with first copying to computer) because as soon as SonicStage is started it puts the unit into audio mode
  10. There is a difference between PCM and HiSP when taking it from a digital bit perfect PCM source (i.e. CD) However with a live show I'm not sure you will be able to tell the difference between a PCM/HiSP recording (could just be my ears but thats what I've found in practise anyways) But hey, if you do opt for HiSP you get almost 8hours on one HiMD disc instead of only 96? min of PCM
  11. exactly my thought, the more clarity you get from the headphones the higher the chance you can pick out some defects in the sound quality
  12. hey a 2% failure rate isnt that bad Consider the chances of getting a perfect LCD screen (with no dead pixles), almost 0%
  13. Put simply, simple burner only allows you to use standard netMD bitrates with netMD discs (i.e. LP2/LP4) and Atrac3+ bitrates with HiMD discs (PCM/HiSP/HiLP/48)
  14. You will still need SonicStage to conver them to wav format if thats what you mean
  15. Sometimes SonicStage has problems when you combine tracks and then upload them. However if you upload all of your tracks you can use SonicStage's controls to combine the tracks once they are on the PC
  16. sounds like one of your discs is damaged and either the remote or the connectors between the unit <> remote. See if the remote works on someone else's unit or see if a different remotes still works on your HiMD
  17. or if its time for an upgrade switch up to HiMD, these units will still playback legacy MD formats (SP/LP2/LP4) but offer you the option to format the disc in such a way that you can store more data (although formatted discs wont work on non-HiMD units until they are reformatted back into MD-mode)
  18. SonicStage should transfer the audio along with the name associated with it
  19. -how about an option to turn off auto-track mark?
  20. for all intensive purposes it is lossless throughout
  21. if you are taking the songs from MP3s, some MP3s (based on bit rate/encoder used) have varying levels of volume when compared to one another. As long as you're comparing the same bitrate Atrac (i.e. HiSP only or LP2 only) you shouldn't hear a difference in volume unless it was already in the music
  22. basically on automatic it shifts the volume level up and down as the music goes quiet and loud so that the end result is an audio stream with pretty much the same sound level throughout. In this way it is impossible to say what it corresponds to on a manual input when dealing with music of varying loudness levels
  23. SonicStage is made by Sony Sonic Md DVD & Record Now is made by Sonic Different companies I have no idea what this error means. And yes you should be able to listen to what you are recording as long as you are recording in real time
  24. wow for someone who has a bunch of problems and needs help you sure dont act like it check your manual its all in there
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