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  1. Hi,

    Am looking for some advice and hoping someone here will be able to help! Recently had a virus which erased my PC hard drive and all my files, drivers, etc. including the driver for my SOny CMT-M373NT (along with sonic stage!) I have been unable to locate this driver anywhere on the internet and Sony have discontinued making them! Does anyone have any idea where I could download this driver from, or have the Sony CD I could buy/copy off them?

    Please send me an email (essex_has_graduated@hotmail.co.uk) or a private message!



    Hello Ben,

    Please download the following drivers and report back if it works for your CMT-M373NT


  2. We are sorry for the long absence folks! I promise we will find creative ways to revive both the main blog and the forum. As a start, I am bringing forth a good friend and fellow member, Stan M (vaiofreak) to help Ascariss moderate the forum. In addition to being a new moderator, Stan will also contribute informative pieces to the main blog. Once again, thanks for your continued support and interests.

  3. Listening to Miles Davis | The Complete Concert 1964: My Funny Valentine + Four and More in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


    Disc: 1

    1. Introduction By Mort Fega

    2. My Funny Valentine

    3. All Of You

    4. Go-Go (Theme And Re-Introduction)

    5. Stella By Starlight

    6. All Blues

    7. I Thought About You

    Disc: 2

    1. So What

    2. Walkin'

    3. Joshua

    4. Go-Go (Theme And Announcement)

    5. Four

    6. Seven Steps To Heaven

    7. There Is No Greater Love

    8. Go-Go (Theme And Announcement)

  4. Listening to Bob Marley | Legend in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


    1. Is This Love

    2. No Woman, No Cry

    3. Could You Be Loved

    4. Three Little Birds

    5. Buffalo Soldier

    6. Get Up Stand Up

    7. Stir It Up

    8. One Love / People Get Ready

    9. I Shot The Sheriff

    10. Waiting In Vain

    11. Redemption Song

    12. Satisfy My Soul

    13. Exodus

    14. Jamming

  5. Listening to Art Blakey | Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1960 in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


    1. No Problem (1st Version)

    2. No Hay Problema (1st Version)

    3. Prelude In Blue (a "L'Esquinade")

    4. Valmontana (1st Version)

    5. Miguel's Party

    6. Prelude In Blue (chez Miguel)

    7. No Problem (2nd Version)

    8. Weehawken Mad Pad

    9. Valmontana (2nd Version)

    10. No Hay Problema (2nd Version)

  6. Listening to Ennio Morricone | For A Few Dollars More / A Fistful Of Dollars in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


    1. La Resa Dei Conti

    2. Osservatori Osservati

    3. Il Vizio D'Uccidere

    4. Il Colpo

    5. Addio Colonnello

    6. Per Qualche Dollaro In Più

    7. Per Un Pugno Di Dollari

    8. Quasi Morto

    9. L'Inseguimento

    10. La Reazione

    11. Senza Pietà

    12. Titoli

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