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  1. I found the post and the tezt highlighted in red, using Google Translate (I know not a word of Japanese). Does "information" mean (in context) software?


    Well, I certainty hope that they are not going to update Sonic Stage any more!

    Hopefully, another way will be found to add Windows 7 support for the MZ-RH1.

    However, of Tuesday August 17th, 2010 the above mentioned message has been updated to:

    Japanese: 2010年秋対応予定

    Transliteration: 2010 nen Aki taiou yotei

    English(possible): scheduled for Fall 2010 / To be(scheduled to be) supported in the fall of 2010

    2010 年(nen)=Year 2010

    秋(Aki)=Fall / Autumn

    対応(Taiou)= correspond, Support, interact with, deal with, receive, react

    予定(Yotei)= Schedule

    And, here is the link:


  2. ...Out of curiosity, is the development team in Aomori? Or, how do you know this???RegardsStephen

    EFL instructors(and other types, too) here often use MiniDisc/recorders, CD's, and sometimes Cassettes so we are occasional debriefed on the latest news from different providers. For, a while it had been mentioned that Sony was thinking or that they were 「未定」(undecided) if they were going to provide official support for those using the MZ-RH1 with Windows 7.

    However, recently it was mentioned that Sony would update information for the MZ-RH1 in the middle of August.

    On, Sony's web site the following post concerning the MZ-RH1 and Windows 7 will be found stating the above information: 8月中旬に情報を更新する予定です。

    I use my RH1 with Windows 7 without a problem...?

    I was under the impression from threads like this:

    that some were having difficulty using SonicStage with Windows 7. However, it is encouraging to hear that you and the poster named Stargazer_tom1 are able to use Windows 7 and the MZ-RH1 without problems.

    When I last visited these forums(actually the older version of them) about two years or more ago it seemed that some here were prophesying the death of the MD format was at hand and that the MZ-RH1 was going to be discontinued and I am happy to see that those predictions have been proven false. It is also interesting to see that more than a few here haven't made the transition from MD to PCM-M10 / PCM-D50. I recall hear/read many complaining that MD recoders usually have small buttons and too many menus, small screens, no built in mic, and no drag and drop ability, however, it would appear that the PCM series has addressed those problems. Yet, people are still hanging on to MD, and that is kind of nice, too.

  3. If, you use Windows 7 and own an MZ-RH1 you will happy to hear that sometime in the middle of August an update is coming your way. So, in August we should now be able to use MZ-RH1 with Windows 7 without the need for virtualization software to run Sonic Stage.

  4. “Your link to the MZ-N920 is down. Maybe someone bought the last one”

    No, such luck A440 :victory:

    There is still one MZ-N920 red in stock but more on the way


    The Silver MZ-N920 ships in six to ten days


    The Blue MZ-N920 ships in three to four days




    ”In June 2007, Amazon.co.jp and Amazon.com both posted "no longer being manufactured" on the page selling the MZ-RH1. The alert stayed up for about four weeks time.”

    Yes, but now both are selling them again. I'm guessing Sony had their factory in Malaysia make a few more. It's probably a “manufactured on demand” type of deal. And, obviously there are still people in the States, the UK, and in Japan buying these units. This is not to say that they are the most popular or the highest selling commodity, but that there are still enough people interested to warrant making a few more.

    “The portable cassette and CD units today are plastic”

    I've never seen a portable CD unit made out of anything other than plastic.

    You, have a point with portable cassette players, on the other hand Sony still makes some of their Cassette players out metal some times. For, example the Sony WM-EX631 was made out of aluminum.

    “if Sony releases another portable minidisc gadget, I think it will also follow in that same direction.”

    If next year wasn't the 30th anniversery of Walkman I might agree with, you. However, since Sony is known to release aluminum cassette players for their anniverseries it is hard for me to imagine why they would not do the same for MiniDisc.

    “I never cared for Neige styling but it is nice to see MD blanks still available on the shelf next to the cassettes at 7-11.”

    Interesting! The 7/11 nearest to my APT sells

    Victor 5MD-80LX 80 min and Maxwell


    The supermarkets(gorcery stores) have sony 10MDW80CCX usually.

    (Rosen and Inageya)

    Oh, I can also find floppy disk(Sony MDF-2HD) at these same places!

  5. Guitarfxr and ZosoIV thanks for the input about the business MD recorder.

    Actually, I haven't heard or read much about those. (I guess I am taking this tread off topic a little.)

    But, it is cool that they are still being made. I am a little surpirsed that these units also have optical in and mic as well as having the built in mic. Panasonic used to have a nice on up until a few years ago. I am really tempted to go out and get one.

    Comedian Dave Jory's favorite gadget is his Sony MZ-810 MiniDisc recorder.


    Using the Sony MZ-B10 MiniDisc Recorder




  6. Which one of those links can I actually order from using Paypal or Credit Card if I live in the USA?? I can't even get past all the Japanese characters to even figure out HOW. Same with that YODOBASHI site mentioned in your other thread.

    Excelent question.

    Okay, the Japan version of Amazon.com/Amazon.co.jp has English pages and you can order MiniDisc products through them. Sadly, they do not usually ship out side of Japan.



    楽天Rakuten is just now starting to use English, but this isn't very helpful either.


    Actually, it is interesting that there do not seem to be many good options for importing/exporting MiniDisc products...

    However, I am going to keep looking there's got to be something.

  7. There are threads here on the board about Sony actually announcing the RH1 as the Last in line , and that would be it .

    Apart, from the threads, do you know where on Sony's web site or in writing they said the RH1 was the last? I'd be convinced if someone from Sony(not in an outlet) actually came out with a press statment, printed it on their website, or in one of their catalogs. At the moment I still have no reason to believe that the RH1 is the last of the MD units after tape walkman, radios, and portable CD players are still being made because somepeople(not the populous) is still buying them and I am sure the RH1 in its first few months sold a lot more units than the portable CD players, Tape Walkman, and Radios were selling. None, of Sony's current cataloges mention anything about the MZ-RH1 going out of production or being the last, which is strange if that is what they plan to do. When DAT went out they let us know, why wouldn't they do so with HI-MD, too?

    Okay more catalog stuff:

    (1) The Sony, IC Recorder/Tape Recorder/Radio/Radio Cassette combo catalog(2008. April edition)


    Only, list The MZ-B10 MiniDisc Recorder probably because it is not a Walkman catalog and the MZ-B10 is a business recorder not a Walkman.

    (see page 6 of the PDF and Page 11 in the print edition)

    (2) MD/CD/Cassette tape Walkman Catalog (2008 March edition)


    Does not list the MZ-B10 MiniDisc Recorder all all because it is not a walk. However, it does advertise the MZ-RH1 on the front cover, on page 2 of the PDF and page 2 and 3 of print edition. The MZ-N920, MZ-EH70, and MZ-EH50 are advertised on page 3 of the PDF and page 4 of the print edition. (Let's all be waiting and watching for the next cataloges)

    (3) A list of 'many ' of Sony's catalogs, present and past can be found here:


    When a print catalog is updated a PDF version will posted as well.

    I feel pretty safe to say that the MZ-RH1 is still being made and sold at least in Japan. I am aware that some online stores in England and in Singapore said they were no longer being made but this simple does not agree with the evidence I see so far. Until Sony officially in in writing confirms that the MZ-RH1 I think it is a safe bet to assume that the MZ-RH1 is still being pushed, sold, and there most be still some demand for it. If there is some demand for it then that leads me to believe that there may be another, yet, another model. Of course I could be wrong, but I am going to take a lead of faith here until I see some hard evidence.

    The MZ-B10 is a neat little recorder does anyone here actually have one? I do not own one but since their prices are going down or maybe they will go down if this is actually the end of MiniDisc I'd consider buying one just for the sake of it.

  8. Actually Mikami chan , Sony , MD mada tskuteinai , MZ b10 dake . zaiko mada ari da ne , demo tskute iinai desu .

    sore zanen desu ne .

    The current catalog fron Sony, as recent as last month still mention nothing about any of the HI-MD models being out of production http://www.ecat.sony.co.jp/products/catalog/WM_sou.pdf . Or why Yodobashi, Bic camera, many of the stores on Rakuten, Amazon.co.jp, Kakaku.com, and others are in stock. Last Winter Amazon.co.jp was out of MZ-Rh1 for a little while but they are in stock again, now. I am sure that store you are visiting maybe get some more in later but "Zanen desu ne" seem a little harsh for a sales clerk to be saying to a customer. Why not, "Sore-wa zanen desu ne"(that's too bad)? But, that would still be strange.

    Anyway, just out of curiousity is that what they are really saying? It seems a little bit rude, to me. Who's saying this? Are, you sure you heard them corretly? I am guessing this person is probably a student from aboard or something. It's hard for me to believe a Japanese sales person would actually talk like this lest they were drunk.

  9. Mikami seems to be under the impression the Sony is still making Md's ,............ They are not , I have confirmed this from many retailers here in Japan , Zaiko ga nai , mada konai desu .

    Sony has stopped production , ..........

    I am just a typical English teacher I don't know anymore than anyone else. In fact I might be naive, but I believe Sony is a pretty transparent company and that the MZ-RH1 is still in production or that there is still a lot of back stock of them around. If you want to know why I think this it is basically because of the following that I based my assumptions on:

    The most recent MD/CD/Cassette Tape Walkman catalog(March 2008) http://www.ecat.sony.co.jp/products/catalog/WM_sou.pdf only mentions that the

    MZ-E520 has been dis-continued (page 5/but page 3 in the PDF form; on the bottom right hand corner).

    Now, I also find it rather strange that they did not mention the MZ-RH1 unit being discontinued nor the NetMD either? Furthermore, a page with links to interviews dedicated to the MZ-RH1 is still up and running http://www.sony.jp/products/Consumer/himd-rec/

    I think it is safe to say that they are either still in production or that there are enough of them in stock to last until they make a something to replace it.

    At BIC CAMERA both online and in Kawasaki city, where I live, these MD portable recording units are in stock.





    The MZ-EH70 and MZ-EH50 are also being sold as well as an MD business recorder.

    At YODOBASHI online and in Kawasaki, Shinjuku, Yokohama, and other areas in Tokyo-to these portable units are still in stock and selling.







    Many of the stores on

    楽天 Rakuten &

    価格.com Kakaku still have stock as well.

    And, the last time I checked

    デンコードー(Denkodo) &

    ヤマダ電機 Yamada Denki

    have some, too.


    Now, just out of curiousity who told that HI-MD were no longer being made? From what you wrote it apears they only said they were still yet to arrive, rather than they are no longer in production. However, if someone really did tell you that were out of production I find that a little distrubing. If that place is any where around Kanagawa-ken, or from Tokyo-to to to the top of Tohoku in Aomori-ken could let me know. I travel around those areas sometimes and I might like to stop by or have a friend of the family stop by the store(but only for curiousity sake I have no feeling either way about this). Do you happen to know the store clarks name who said this? It can be Yodobashi or Bic camera because nobody at those places are authorized to say anything like that, I would guess.



  10. Hi-MD and MD recorders are not being manufactured any more

    You write well, but 'sorry'; that was simply not true!

    The truth is

    Sony is still manufacturing:

    The MZ-RH1 (Silver&Black editions)

    The MZ-N920 (Silver, Blue, and Red editions)

    The HI-MD player models MZ-EH70 and MZ-EH50(all color/colours) are also still being manufactured as well MD/HI-MD decks and boom boxes.

  11. This unit has a USB socket, but the only use was for real time recording

    So, basically you want an uploading recorder like the awesome cool designed MZ-RH1?

    Well, I think there sould have been more proffessional models like this one, too rather than just the cosumer/Pro-sumer model types. Notice, this has unit is a well built machine with sockets/input and out puts that other the small portable MD models have no room for. You can actually use a real mic with this model easily, too. With this model you could go digital directly from a MiniDisc to a stand alone CD recorder without the need for a PC or a Mac. Also, think about when sockets on a protable recorder need to be replaced or serived it is not an easy thing to do, but it would sure be alot easier on this unit. I this unit is not HI-MD but is it not still special? It is probably the strogest of the portable MD machines.

    And, what other way is there to record but in real time?

    In terms of connectors and body strength cosumer models just can't compare notice:

    Analogue connectors

    # Connector type: XLR 3: Pin 2 + Hot; pin 3 - Cold; Pin 1 Ground

    # Mic input level for 0dBFS (level control at max) : -52dBu

    # Line input level for 0dBFS (level control at max) : -2dBu

    # Phantom power (mic inputs): +48V, 7mA

    # Unbalanced Line Output

    # Connector type: RCA phono

    # Output level: +8dBu @ 0dBFS into >10k Ohms

    # Headphone output

    # Connector type: 1/4" stereo jack

    # Impedance: 32 Ohms

    # Output power: 15mW

    # Remote control: Parallel

    # Connector type: 8-pin mini DIN

    Digital connectors

    # Coaxial digital input: SPDIF

    # Connector type: RCA phono

    # Input impedance: 75 Ohms

    # Input level: 0.5V p-p

    # Optical digital input: SPDIF

    # Connector type: TOSlink

    # Coaxial digital output: SPDIF

    # Connector type: RCA phono

    # Output impedance: 75 Ohms

    # Output level: 0.5V p-p

    # Optical digital output: SPDIF

    # Connector type: TOSlink

  12. The Guitar Center has it for only



    Inguitaudio has it for only



    Pro Audio Store has it for only

    £ 399.00!


    For, more information...

    Articles about this nice one of a kind unit:

    Alan R. Peterson


    Christopher Springmann


    Carl Lindemann


    It used to be very very expensive, but it is around the same price as a HI-MD unit, now.

  13. My question is, what are others doing?

    I'm not worried about HI-MD or MD drying up anytime, soon. At, least not in Japan.

    (1) While Sony may be the only one making portable HI-MD and NetMD units there are a number of other companies that are making deck recorders, MD mini Systems, and one company making HI-MD bookself.

    (2) Before, Sony came out with HI-MD they had been perfecting the use of the blue lazer and phase shifts with plasma to push Magneto-Optical technology past the maxium 9 gig to 50gig and to maybe even almost 200 gigs with on a new High Desity Optical disc (UDO, I think) that are now being used in Banks. These disk are much bigger than HI-MD, but the it should not be long before they find a way to make them smaller and as compact as a MiniDisc(if there is enough interest).

    (3)Although, DVDR, and CDR/RW super popular (with the average joe) and cheap they are still dye based media that fades with in time and is probably not very good for archiving data for long periods of time which is why there is still strong interest in Magneto-optical tech on which MD and HI-MD is based.

    (4)MD like other MO disc of yesterday may be slower and not as popular as hard drives, but they last longer. (How may Computer harddrives have you been through?) And, because the media last longer there will still be a demand for units to produced.

    (5) Now, Tape's and Tape walkman are still being made for some reason. And I doubt that MiniDisc will go before Tape does.

    (6) Next, year(2009) Sony might make some 30th aniversery Walkman models.(but, that's just speculation on my part/ Oh, and I'm not talking about that ridiculous April fools day joke, either!) The MZ-RH1 is cool enough and it's still selling well in Japan(from what I can guess which is why they might make one HI-MD unit and maybe a Net-MD unit for Japan, but then again thats just speculation). Those designers really knew what they were doing or they must have listened to what people actually wanted when they made the MZ-RH1.

    ( I did not address SD cards and soild state media and they will become cheaper, how long they last I do not know?)

    (7)In Japan Mini Disc has been fairly successful in supplanting audio cassette tape (both micro and full sized) in the home recording arena. Of course cassette's are still sold, but business men and reporters sometimes use a combination of IC recorders and Mini Disc.

    (8) When it comes to amateur/semi professional portable recording of: concert's, recitals, ones own band, bootlegging MD is still king in Japan followed by those who actually lug their Notebook computers around for recording. Basically, I think anyone who wants to record in quality and does not happen to have access to his/her own studio probably uses Mini Disc in Japan.

    (9) There are still a number of people both in and outside of Japan who do not want to be forced to use a computer ever time they want to play, share, listen to, or record music.Call them old fashion if you like, but I am one of those people. I can understand why Radio stations use hard disc juke boxes to play music on the air but I don't like to do that at home(some do and thats okay for them). I also, understand why many like to use their computer for editing music and sharing it via e-mail.

    I like to keep MD away from computer in general and record digital(realtime) from MD to a stand alone CD recorder at times when I must put something on CDR.

    (10) Interestingly, people still use DV camera's and tapes and those can not be drag and drop from the unit to a computer. Yet, we don't hear anyone complain about that. If you want to edit a DV you must do so through a real time upload. Just because it is slow doesn't mean it's inferior does it? It is simply like MiniDisc is one of the many tools to be used to get the job done. And for me MiniDisc still gets the job down better than the other alternatives.

  14. Please, note this is not a complete list, but only the most recent makers of MiniDisc player/recorders(That I can think of at the moment). I am also a aware that Sharp, JVC/Victor, and Denon still makes two MD recorders but they are older models from 2003 and TEAC up till last year was still making on MD model(it is still being sold).

    (1) They are still making MiniDisc playing and recording units:

    Kenwood NDL-100MD and NDL-100 (2007)


    Kenwood CLK 7i (2007)


    Panasonic SC-PM870SD-N


    TASCAM MD-CD1BMK2 (2007)


    TASCAM MD-CD1MK2 (2007)


    Onkyo X-T1X (2007)


    Marantz CM6001 (2006)


    They are still using making HI-MD units:

    Onkyo X-N7TX(D/Y) (2007)


    and of course Sony is also making HI-MD and NetMD, too.


    The Sibelius Academy will organise the III International Harald Andersén Chamber Choir Competition in Helsinki on 11-12 September 2009.


    what is interesting about this is one can send in “A demo CD, DAT tape or minidisc that has not been digitally or analogically edited after recording.”

    Okay, that's all I can think of at the moment...

  15. I can not tell a lie, I still love the MZ-NH1!

    I love the gold Magnesium body, and the minimalist profile, too. It's still my favorite unit. It's so regal and cool. I know it has it'S short comings, but why couldn't have the RH1 been more like the Mz-NH1?

    I do not think it's possible, but I would like the 4th generation HI-MD/MD model to have all the advantages of the RH1, but look like and be built like or cooler than the MZ-NH1.

    bye bye,


  16. OKay the silver RH1 is back in stock in some of the stores I happen to pass a day or two ago. I have no idea how many of these units they get in at a time, but last night one Yodobashi store seemed to have about 30 or so in. If more than a few stores sell out, again I will post as soon as that happens.



  17. Sony relaxed many of its previous restriction on MD/HiMD would be that they are going to abandon it.

    Almost, no one continues to manufacture a product that does not continue to bring in profits for them. For example Sharp , Victor, and Kenwood have stoped making MD units for the west, but they make and sale their units in Japan. Minidisc is still made here, because it people still buy it here. MO's are also still made and sold in Japan, but not in the west. I could see why Sony might not want to make MD units for the west anymore, but I still thing they will want to make them for Japan. As recent as last November Sony released as HI-MD player only unit for Japan, only. Why? Because they thought they would make some money in the Japan market and they knew those outside of Japan would jsut say "whats the point of that?". "I thought MD was dead", "I think that MD will die", and so on. If Sony was really going to abandon HI-MD/MD they would have said so. I think there will be another HI-MD unit and if there isn't then I think they would make a newer MD tech. But, MD has become a standard in Japan so I do not think it is going anywhere, soon. Yes, Harddrive players, and flash players are making big money here and no MD can't compete with them nor is MD trying to compete with them. However, MD can still hold it's own in Japan and is still being sold here because enough people are still buying them, and enough companies still think they can make at least a little profit off of them.

    Currently, the following companies still manufacture MD units for Japan:










  18. don't worry dogville...they DO! a bit of proof...

    Sony has listened for once... that's why the RH1 is such a great device :lol:

    I am not so sure. You might be jumping to conclussions, here. However, in favor of your line of thought I will post this:

    " But to MiniDisc users who congregate at www.minidisc.org, the absence of a high-speed digital output directly to the PC has long been the MiniDisc's unforgivable flaw. Eric Woudenberg, a New York software engineer who runs the site, even started an online petition two years ago urging Sony to supply that last link in the MiniDisc's evolution. More than 2,100 users signed it...

    Sony clearly heard the complaints...

    ...Rachel Branch, a Sony spokeswoman, would not quite say that the company was responding to pressure from users. But she said the company had heard them. 'We knew what people wanted,' she said.

    ...while the Hi-MD unit plays discs in the existing MiniDisc format without a problem, it will not upload them to a computer over its new U.S.B. link. So the tens of thousands of discs that MiniDisc owners have already recorded will not yet get the Hi-MD high-speed digital upload treatment.

    'Maybe that's the next petition,' Mr. Woudenberg said...."

    From: (In a Nod to Niche Users, Sony Rethinks the MiniDisc BY IVER PETERSON of the New York Times June 17, 2004)http://www.minidisc.org/keep/nyt_sony_rethink_md.htm

    So, what people wanted two years ago is a reality today. Maybe they are listening. Not to mention when the NH1 came out people also complained about the one line screen and then the RH10 with a nice big screen came out! However, people complained about the scratchablity and the plastic of the unit and now we have the RH1 with a full metal body. So, maybe you are right, but then again nobody asked for that cheap, tacky looking chrom they used to put on their units. Oh, I hate chrom and I hope we do not need to see another plastic/chrom unit, again!

    Okay bye for now,


  19. Doclloyd,

    (1) Sony's MZ-DH10P and MZ-RH10 ceased production in May.

    (2) The Sony portable MD units being produced, that are also being sold, currently are: The MZ-RH1, MZ-EH70, MZ-EH50, MZ-N920, and MZ-E520.

    (3)The MCMD-R1 is also still in production.

    (4)It does seem disconcerting

    (5) I hope they get the MZ-RH1 in stock soon.

    regards, ,


  20. It's a very sad day...kinda like when you move out of town knowing you'll never see your friends again.

    Not, if you move to Japan ^_^ ! You and your Minidisc friends can always be together, here!You will be able to see them everywhere and everyday here! You can see them at seven eleven stores, groccery stores, department stores and anywhere else!

    In Japan, however, Burger King is dead. I guess there will be no return of the King, here :lol: .

    Bye bye,


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