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  1. So the next logical question is:

    Do atrac3 and atrac3+ (any bitrate) have revisions? If so, what are they, and where is each revision used? (e.g. 1st gen Hi-MD and onward, soniscage 3.2 and onward etc)

    I guess if the answer to the first question is yes a horrible messy answer will ensue, so sorry if that's the case :)


  2. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Lyve & Freebird The Movie/Tribute

    Led Zeppelin - Dvd

    Tenacious D - Complete Masterworks

    Pantera - 3 Vulgar Videos From Hell

    Ian Hunter - Live At The Astoria

    I'd like to get some blues ones, but i havent seen many around....

  3. Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More from the Road

    user posted image

    Disc: 1

    1. Introduction/Workin' for MCA

    2. I Ain't the One

    3. Saturday Night Special

    4. Searching

    5. Travelin' Man

    6. Simple Man [*]

    7. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller

    8. Needle and the Spoon

    9. Gimme Back My Bullets [*]

    10. Tuesday's Gone

    11. Gimme Three Steps

    12. Call Me the Breeze

    13. T for Texas (Blue Yodel No. 1)

    Disc: 2

    1. Sweet Home Alabama

    2. Crossroads

    3. Free Bird

    4. Introduction/Workin' for MCA [Alternate Take][#][*]

    5. I Ain't the One [Alternate Take][#][*]

    6. Searching [Alternate Take][#][*]

    7. Gimme Three Steps [Alternate Take][*]

    8. Call Me the Breeze [Alternate Take][*]

    9. Sweet Home Alabama [Alternate Take][*]

    10. Crossroads [Alternate Take][*]

    11. Free Bird [Alternate Take][*]

  4. Now I'm not entirely sure that this will work (someone please tell me if they've tried it and it doesn't) but I can't imagine why it wouldn't.

    See, I'm under the impression that everyone with a Euro NH900 seems to have been stuffed over a bit (lack of stop button function, menus not working correctly, etc.) but it seems to me that this violates the manufacturer's garuntee a bit, in that the unit doesn't work as is stated in the instruction manual.

    That in mind and that the 1st Gen Hi-MD units weren't released all that long ago, it seems a lot of people should have a unit with a fault which should violate the manufacturer's 12 month garuntee.

    So what I propose is that you should be able to return your unit to wherever you got it from, piss about a bit until they realize that all the Euro NH900 versions are broken, then get a new unit (second gen, of course.) Am I crazy with that logic?

    When I ordered my N910 a couple years back (from Empiredirect.co.uk) the thing had a fault whereby it would appear to pause when doing synchro record and there was no signal, but would in fact continue recording about 5 minutes of nothing until the unit shut off. I managed to return my unit on the basis of that and was offered the choice of a new N910 unit or a different unit of equivalent price. (I stuck with the N910 in the end, but the point still stands.)

    Fact is, if you have a faulty unit still under garuntee then you should be able to return it, either for another unit (which will of course also be faulty, so that will thus be returned too, and so fourth) or for another unit (of equivalent or lower price or some such) but either way, it's an upgrade to a new 2nd Gen unit (assuming the things hit Europe within the next 6 months, that is.)

    Anyway... opinions on this anyone? Mainly I'm just posting it here in case someone spots something terribly flawed with all this and can stop me from attempting something stupid.

    But if you got it from amazon for £70 - you may as well keep it!! biggrin.gif

  5. Hello MD community

    I have been a MD addict for a long time. I wont purchase an IPOD just coz everyone has one smile.gif MD will fit my needs and do much more.. I prefer the recording features and optical waves. One thing I noticed is people are using SonicStage to transfer the music over to their units.

    I have installed the software but before I give it a shot. I like to know

    1. How fast does it send the files across to the unit?

    2. Do they retain their original encoded quality?

    3. Do the ID tags of the mp3's appear on the unit on playback?

    4. Can I send any mp3 files to the unit? are there any restrictions?

    The reason I ask these questions is because I have been burning dvd's with mp3's - then recording them via optical to the MD. But of course this is slow, because you have to playback the dvd as if you were listening to it. But the quality is immaculate!!


    & Happy MD trails


    1) Faster than realtime, but speed depends on size of file, therefore atrac quality used. Better quality atrac = slower

    2) When you record them realtime you are recording mp3's to atrac. This same process will happen in sonicstage, the only limitation is that sonicstage does not allow true sp transfer. So as long as you don't do them in sp, the outcome will be the same as you have presently.

    3) Tracks are named and appear in album folders.

    4) I believe things sometimes go wrong for very low bitrates, but most mp3's will load into sonicstage and be converted to atrac quite happily!

    Pretty much the same answers as The Low Volta, but a bit more concise tongue.gif

  6. There is a good resource at battery university - lots of info about battery charging etc. Im sure a few days of trickle charging will leave your battery unharmed. At worse, I would guess it'd be the battery which has gone bad, rather than the unit, just check it over and try it out. It says on the link somewhere about the pressure building up in the battery as charging goes on - perhaps this caused the noise!

    As for the "phyiscs lesson", that may cause damage - the "magnet" things are "clamp filters", they are not magnetic - they don't even hold a paper clip - I think they are cable tidies. And besides, wrapping a current carrying cable around a magnet will do very little to the voltage in the cable unless the magnet is moving relative to the cable. cool.gif

    wrapping a current carrying cable around a magnet will do very little to the voltage in the cable unless the magnet is moving relative to the cable. cool.gif

    Correction - the charge is moving relative to the clamp so if it were a magnet it would affect it (by a tiny amount).

  7. I'm no pro, I simply voted for the one I preferred - no idea if it's compressed or not.

    THERE IS a noticable difference. I don't want to influence others so I'm keeping it to myself. smartass.gif

    p.s. If you voted for #3 then CLICK HERE

    I would have voted 3 if it was there but i hope that it is my hardware letting me down rather than my ears - im using motherboard sound into headphones free with my sharp mt-md15 about 4 years ago! Dont worry though, I have just ordered some porta pro's and I am likely to upgrade my soundcard over the summer. Shame you cant vote twice.... rolleyes.gif

  8. Can't really tell, but i went for 2. I converted it to vbr mp3 (about 192 on average) and can't tell the difference there either. Perhaps for another topic you could try lp2 and wav..... tongue.gif

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