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  1. Thanks for the reply. I know that it's not possible to use HiMD disc in a NetMD unit. The thing is that I want to know if a person with a NetMD unit can format HiMD discs into NetMD disc.

    Let me explain a little more: I' going to send some HiMD discs (80 minutes) with music on it to a guy. My discs are recorded in HiSP mode an all of them have music recorded. The other guy have a NetMD unit so I know that he can't play the HIMD discs, but would it be possible for him to format the discs and use them on his NetMD later?

  2. Tiesto: I don't think I'll get the same output just using the regular headphone out. Actually when I turn the volume to the max on my mzdh10p I hear some distorsion. (I also like my number, kind of satanic maybe? LOL)

    Raja: I wish it was the black one! The black one is the most beatiful HiMD I have seen, definitely.

  3. --------ALREADY TRADED------------

    Hello guys:

    I want to trade my 4 months old MZDH10p in like new condition, no scratches at all, all original accesories included for a MZNH1 in same condition. Please PM me if you have any questions.

  4. Hello guys

    First of all, sorry because this is a off topic question but I need your help.

    I got a free Connect music store card with my hi-md. I live in Chile, South America and every time I try to go to www.connect.com, it says that the service isn't available in my area. Is there anyway to "fix" this? Maybe changing some settings? Where?

    Thanks in advance to all.

  5. Hello and welcome to the forums!

    I would recommend you the new MZ-RH1. It's the newest model of Himd portable recorders and it should be available in a pair of months I think (maybe less). In Japan it is already available since two weeks ago aprox. I don't know if this unit has any improvement in recording quality (compared to recently older models) but surely it has amazing new recording features. It has optical line in, microphone in, usb transfer (to and from the recorder) and line out. I don't know what is exactly an audio limiter so I can't say if it has it or it don't. BTW where do you live? The release date for the mzrh1 depends on the country. Feel free to ask anything else.

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