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  1. MZ-Mxx : models that are mac compatible. MZ-RHxx : models that are pc compatible. The mz-m10 is the same as the mz-rh910 but with mac compatibility. The mz-m100 is the same as the mz-rh10 but with mac compatibility also. Mz-rh10 and Mz-m100 are top of the line models (one for pc , the other for mac). They had the oled screen and more. Mz-rh910 and Mz-m10 are the middle price models (one for pc , the other for mac). They don't have the oled screen and other functions that the other (top of the line) models have. Check this post for more info: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=11172
  2. hahahahaha. funny story zathura! I would love to be there. About the topic: the Himd discs are exactly constructed as the old md's. I've only seen one disc model that was made totally different from the normal ones, it was made of magnesium, Sony MD2000 i think.
  3. Maybe the buzz come from the vinyl reproduction. You should try to pull down the rec level in your himd recorder, because sometimes it causes noise.
  4. what about the play button or maybe the volume button?
  5. Where can I buy the d66's or the d77's?.
  6. What is the ABX test? How i can do that? Thanks
  7. You should try Flac Frontend. Quick and works like charm
  8. I have the mzr900 manual, but I live in Chile, South America. PM me if you are interested
  9. you should take your unit to a service repair. The problem with the discs... well I think the discs are fine and your unit is defective.
  10. ohh that's weird. Try using SimpleBurner (you can download it in the download section). If the cd don't have silence gaps between songs, you will get a gapless record using SimpleBurner
  11. I think there's a hack for the european models (volume limitation, and no custom eq). Check the forum.
  12. You can always normalize mp3s with a program like Cool edit. Also you can always record through the digital or analog input and set you the recording level
  13. Marcnet's program is perfect and very fast. Not a single bug that i've found
  14. Mznh900 has a bug when editing (divide and combine) some short tracks (htere's a post about that). Another thing: The other day I recorded a cd using optical input in Hi-sp mode. Then I edited the tracks in the recorder (dividing). After that , I connected my recorder to the pc. In Sonicstage I change the order of the folders (nothing else!) with SS. Then when I tried to edit the songs in my recorder (recorded through optical input) it gives the message "cannot edit". Please if anybody could test this make me know. (I use a 1gb disc) (SonicStage ver 3.2)
  15. the songs are in mp3 right? If so, you will have to edit them to cut the silence parts at the beginning and the end of each track with a program like Goldwave, Cool Edit or something like that.
  16. Are you talking about internal parts?
  17. What about contacting ebay directly. Maybe they will tell you what to do if you don't have the receipt. Good luck!
  18. Leon: congratulations for the magnet idea. Maybe you can take the screws from another device to put them on the minidisc, don't you think?
  19. you can't find those type of screws in a hardware store then? A special screw?
  20. You can record in wav with mic imput and then transfer it to pc with all HiMd models (except those without mic input, obviously). If you record with optical input , you can transfer the record to the pc , but you can't convert it to wav using sonicstage. But (here's the good thing), you can convert the file to wav using marcnet's program , available in the download section.
  21. I've heard some rumours about a 3rd generation HIMD. So for now, don't worry. I think minidisc is going to survive.
  22. ROMBUSTER thank you man and you are right. We all try to help other people here in the forums specially newbies. There was no other solution for that. It's a bit dissapointing that people don't thank for the help
  23. Minidisc always put a track mark when line in volume or mic in are low. You can't disable this feature but you can always erase the track marks after the recording is done. Maybe you should try setting on the auto track mark function every 30 minutes or so.
  24. just put the player in a separate bag. Check the mdcas3 from sony, very nice, comfortable, and only 10 dollars or something. I used to put the recorder and the earphones/remote in one bag , all together. So ... I got scratches (I own a mznh900 and the front face is made of aluminium = mznh1)
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