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  1. I use to have the same problem. This thing only happened to 1Gb discs. Search the forums for a post about gaps of silence or something like that. I had to send my unit for an exchange. I have used the same "ex-defective" discs with this unit and they work great now. Before I sent the unit to Sony , I tried several Himd discs. Do it too. Or better, try to test the same "defective discs" in another Himd. Have you tried to clean your unit with a lens cleaner? You should do that before everything else.
  2. I have to format the disc again. With the new unit I'm not getting errors that i use to get when formating a disc or when uploading songs to the pc. I have used the same discs. I think you should try another player. Look, I asked a few people in here who has Mznh900 if they had problems with discs and the common answer was no. There are some people who has problems (like the ones posting in this topic) but I think that this is a problem with the units , not with the discs. My personal experience tells me that. So, try to check the discs in another recorder and let me know what happened.
  3. This means that sony will not produce the old Himd with the large cases anymore???
  4. do you have the tdk model that are white with some weird draws on them (very nice). How much for each Neige and for the ES? Do you send to mendon,NY?
  5. I want to buy a rmmc40elk remote. I don't care if it's used but it has to be in good condition.
  6. How much for the earphones? Where can i check the specs?
  7. ohh i totally forgot it. Thanks man!
  8. Definitely Lp2 sounds better. In my opinion Hi-Lp is not good for music recordings. Do a blind test and you will see.
  9. uninstall SS completely even deleting the registry values and reinstall it. Try that first. check this for more help: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=8071 sebastian
  10. hi yesterday I record with my mznh900 from a dvd optical out. Then i upload the recording to my pc using SS 3.2. Now, What I should do to save this recording in mp3 format? Because SonicStage 3.2 doesn't allow to convert to wav the "digital" files that you've uploaded to the pc. Please help! Thanks
  11. hi guys Is there anyway to remove all albums from my library in S.S 3.2 easier and faster than selecting all albums and then press SUPR ?? Thanks for your time.
  12. Hi Yesterday I import an entire album to my library in S.S 3.2. All the songs in the album were aprox 220kbps vbr. When I look for the information of each song of the album in my library, under bitrate it says 128 kbps MP3. Why is this? S.S doesn't show when an album is in VBR?? Please need some help. Cheers
  13. The "A" letter in atrac is for Adaptative. So , I pronounce the "a" as in adaptative and ... track. cheers
  14. it was just paranoia. yesterday I recorded a lot of songs in mono. Both sides sounds the same. Thanks everybody for your help. Sebastian ps: KJ: of course my ears are clean. no need to de-wax them. hahahaha
  15. If you live in U.S call sony or enter eservice.sony.com . If you call sony, tell them that you want to speak with the customer service department. In the webpage that I post above, you can request for an exchange. In this page: http://esupport.sony.com/EN/feedback/feedback.html , you will be able to chat with some person at customer support. I think that they will know about the letters issue. (remeber to choose chat for portables) Tell me how are you doing with this Sebastian
  16. sebastianbf

    Am I Deaf?

    hi i own a pair of sony ex71s . I bought them 3 weeks ago. When I'm listening to all kind of music in my minidisc, I "think" that the left side of the eaphone sounds louder than the right side. Is this possible that one side of my earphones sounds louder than the other? Or maybe I'm deft? I have tried with several recordings made via optical, analog , etc. Please I need your help . Thanks Sebastian
  17. "A" as in Allison and TRAC like track if you think about it the "A" letter in atrac means adaptative so I think it should be pronounced as in the word.
  18. I have read in the forums that the quality of the mp3 playback on 2nd gen units is not as good as the atrac playback quality. In 2nd gen units you can record through SonicStage in non-Himd mode but you can only do this in "fake sp mode" (same as lp2) , in lp2 and lp4. You can still record in real Sp mode by using digital, mic or analog inputs.
  19. Sorry to tell you guys, but my mznh900 has arrived. I have tried the same discs and all of them works good. No more format error or silence gaps in the middle of tracks. No more problems reading or recording HIMD discs. Please note that this is just my case and it would be good to hear someone else whit this problem trying the "defective" discs in another units. Good luck to you all Sebastian
  20. You just have to connect the hi-md to the computer and you will see a new drive in "My computer" (if you are using windows). Now , you just have to copy files in the same way that you do to copy files to a floppy. Very easy. If your computer doesn't recognize your himd unit when you conect it, you must install the drivers ( you can download the drivers and other stuff from the download section in the MDCF). One more thing. You can only copy files to Himd discs (1GB) or to normal (80 min) discs that are reformated in Himd mode. Sebastian
  21. That is a problem with 2nd gen units. Sony is fixing this problem. Take a look at this post: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=10434 Search the forums for information about fixing it yourself by changing some configuration in service mode. I think that the best thing you can do is to send the unit for a firmware upgrade to a sony repair store. Hope that helps Sebastian
  22. I use to have the same problem with five 1gb discs in my mznh900. I didn't have that problem using "normal discs". So I sent the unit for an exchange. It will arrive in one week so I will record in the same 1gb discs and see what happen. I will post my results.
  23. comes with large himd cases or with the normal smaller ones? sebastian
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